Aiden (Members From Money # 8)

By: Katie Dowe

She’s look after his child, but will they want a child of their own?

A sexy, billionaire, single parent romance by Katie Dowe of BWWM Club. Features another free bonus book.

Aiden had no idea he had a kid.

But now little Holly’s on his doorstep, the product of a short relationship he had a few years ago.

Her mother’s now dead.

He gets onto hiring a nanny right away, and child psychology graduate Ciara is the obvious choice.

Not only is she educated and great with kids, she’s got this something about her Aiden can’t stop thinking about…

Soon they’re falling in love, but there’s a major problem.

Both were raised by cold, absentee fathers, and neither of them wants to be vulnerable enough to say how they really feel.

Ciara can’t deal with Aiden’s coldness, so she bails out.

But then she finds out she’s pregnant with his child.

Will everything fall apart?

Or will Ciara and Aiden somehow find a way to create a happy family?

Find out in this exciting yet heart-touching romance by Katie Dowe of BWWM Club.

Suitable for over 18s only due to red hot sex scenes.

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Chapter 1

The secretary kept staring over at them as if she expected her to run away with one of the expensive paintings on the walls close to her. She had been waiting for the past half hour and he was still not there. Who did he think he was, she fumed.

“Nana, I am hungry,” Holly whispered in a stage whisper, causing the nosy secretary with her coiffed brunette hair to look at them.

“Be quiet!” she hissed. “How much longer do we have to wait?” she asked the woman rudely.

“He is in a meeting with some doctors, Ms. Lakeside,” she said coolly. “You happened to come by without an appointment.”

“It would not do to interrupt Mr. Almighty himself to let him know that his own kin is here now, would it?” the middle aged woman said with a sneer.

Melanie hid her distaste behind her professional mask and got from behind her desk. “How about I take you to the kitchen and get you something to eat?” she asked the little girl kindly, extending a hand.

Holly looked at her grandmother uncertainly and the woman nodded ungraciously. Holly hopped off the padded chair quickly and took Melanie’s hand, eagerly skipping as she walked with her out of the room.

Martha Lakeside fixed her shabby coat around her thin shoulders and looked around impatiently. She needed to get out of this rich atmosphere before it gave her hives. Her daughter dying of lung cancer could not have come at a better time! Holland Lakeside had come back home knocked up and morose four years ago but had refused to say who had done a number on her. She had left with the intention of becoming a supermodel and would have made it. She had had a tall slender body with dark brown hair and light green eyes and pouty lips, but apart from a small stint in some hair commercial, it had fallen flat and instead she had come home with a kid inside her. She had carried the baby and had gotten a job at the local supermarket and she surprisingly had loved and cared for the child. No amount of cursing and riding her to get the name of the low life who had gotten her pregnant had made her budge because as she had told her mother, the child was hers and she was not going to let him take her away from her. It was on her dying bed that she had told her mother the truth! Holly was Aiden Carter’s daughter, the Aiden Carter who owned the largest pharmaceutical company in the country, if not the world! The girl had a cash cow in her hands and had scraped and scrimped to take care of herself and the child. The idiot!

“Make sure she gets to know him, Mom,” she had said, her breath rasping at the effort it took to speak. “If he wants her then please let him have her. She deserves to get the best, and I have been selfish to keep her to myself.”

“You are damned right!” Martha had said furiously. “You have this billionaire’s kid and did not cash in?”

“She is not a commodity, Mom,” her daughter had told her wearily. “He did not know about her. Just tell him I am sorry. His name is on her birth certificate.”

“No wonder you kept it locked up!”

Now sitting here in this big sumptuous office, she was wondering if she was making a huge mistake. She actually liked the kid who was as sweet natured as she was beautiful, but she needed money and she was not like her daughter! She had no intention of suffering in silence while the family had so much money lying around!


Aiden nodded to the group of doctors as they made their out. It was a new drug they had come up with, something to get rid of allergies once and for all. They were waiting for FDA approval on the drug to go forward with it. Aiden Carter was a tall, athletically built man with dark brown hair tinged with blonde and dark blue eyes. His face was chiseled with a deep cleft in his strong chin. He hardly ever smiled and was known to crush his adversaries with barely a glance. He had taken over the company when he was twenty-seven after his father had been hit by a drunk driver on his way to work. That had been four years ago, and he had turned it into a conglomerate. Women courted him, but he had never found one he wanted to spend his life with, so he was between relationships now. He got to his feet as he remembered that his secretary had told him that he had a visitor. He frowned as he checked his watch. A part from the meeting with the doctors, he had no appointments until the afternoon when he had a luncheon with a business associate. Melanie had told him that it was a woman with a child waiting for him.