An Heir For The Billionaire

By: Terry Towers
Chapter 1

"Ohhhh no, no. I can't do that." Looking up at the work schedule Katrina Alexander gave her head a soft shake. Her blonde ponytail swung back and forth behind her head, like a whip lashing out in mid-air.

"Why? You doing something that night?"

Katrina sighed tugging at her black necktie, loosening it. There was a brief moment of silence between them, as she tried to collect her thoughts before turning her attention over to her closest friend and co-worker Farrah Glover. "No, I can't. I mean... I can. But I don't want to."

"Why? It's a high school reunion      , those are the easiest jobs. People tip bigger than normal trying to impress everyone else and it's a buffet so there's not much clean-up. And we get to work it together. We got lucky baby."

With her tie loosened she pulled it up and over her head. Crumbling the tie in her hand she stuffed it into the front pocket of her black vest. "Yeah, but it's for my high school."

"Oh, so you're attending then?"

"Nope." Grabbing at the black fabric hair-tie that was keeping her long blonde locks secure behind her head, she gave it a tug freeing her silken strands. Flipping her head forward, she shook her hair free. As it straightened out, it cascaded down her shoulders and back.


Katrina took a step back and motioned towards her server uniform. "Farrah, I'm twenty-eight years old, single, and a banquet server at a hotel. Besides, I was never all that popular in high school anyhow." She shrugged. "The only reason I'd go to begin with would be to gloat about how wonderful my life is and, well, as you can see it leaves a lot to be desired."

"Oh, come on. There must be someone that you'd like to see again."

Katrina turned and began to walk down the hallway in the direction of the car park, Farrah hot on her heels. "Geez. I don't know."

"What about that guy you dated?"


"Yeah. Don't you want to see what he's done with his life?"

Katrina paused in her tracks as she was teleported back to the day he told her he was leaving Bangor, Maine to go to school in California: the day he'd broken her heart. He'd claimed that they'd keep in touch and they'd find a way to move her out there as well, once he got settled in, but there was never enough money and he became consumed with his studies. Daily calls turned to every few days then to once a week. After a year of trying to make a long distance relationship work they'd thrown in the towel.

She often wondered about him. She'd heard through the grapevine he owned a company and moved to New York, but whether it was true or not, she had no clue. However, she couldn’t help but wonder on whether he was now some hotshot, while she had remained in Bangor, making nothing of her life. It would be humiliating. The last thing she wanted was for him to find out about the mess she'd made of her life.

Reaching the back door of the hotel, she pulled it open while waiting for Farrah, who was not far behind, to catch up. "I would have loved to go, but the truth is; I'm embarrassed, Farrah. What if they’ve all made it in life, you know doctors, lawyers, professionals.” Katrina bent her head sheepishly before uttering her next few words. “What if they’re all successful?”

Farrah edged in closer, patting her on the back for comfort. “Having a good job doesn’t always make you successful or happy.”

“I know, but it’s not just about their careers…I’m sure most of them are probably married with wonderful kids and suburban homes; you know, with the white picket fence. Living the American dream."

"No one lives the American dream," Farrah interjected.

"I'd be humiliated to tell them I'm just a server, barely getting by and scared to answer my phone because of all the bill collectors calling."

Farrah tisked at her. "Oh, come on Katrina, give yourself some credit. You work hard, making an honest living. You're beautiful. And although you may not realize it, you do have a lot going for you."

Katrina rolled her eyes in response.

"I'm serious. We make an honest living and there's nothing wrong with being a server. Listen honey, just because you're a server now, doesn't mean you'll be a server forever."

"You know, just last week I had to serve someone from my high school for a meeting breakfast banquet. She's a lawyer. She looked at me with sympathy, like I was the most pathetic thing on earth, and told me maybe one day I'd catch a break. Then she proceeded to gush about how wonderful her fiancé was while flashing me the gigantic rock on her finger. And she used to be a friend of mine in high school. Now I’d imagine that type of condescending attitude from someone I never got along with, but a friend..."