Baby Benefits(54)


No groom could be more eager. No bride more loved.

When Raina was midway down the aisle, Lucy finally caught up to Isabella at the front of the church. Isabella still held tightly to the basket of petals, only a few of which had made it to the ground. Instead of going to stand beside Dex, who held out his arms to her as they’d practiced in the rehearsal, Isabella stopped before Derek, dropped the basket, dumping the petals in a pile, and held up her arms to him.

“Up, Daddy!”

Dex threw back his head and laughed.

Derek flushed red, but couldn’t hide his pleasure. With a loving smile, he bent to pick up his daughter as she launched herself into his arms.

As he met Raina’s gaze over the top of Isabella’s head, Raina’s heart felt ready to burst. It may have taken them a long time to get here, but they were truly a family.