The Billionaire's Terms: Prison Or Passion

By: Elizabeth Lennox
Chapter 1

Alicia stared at her reflection in her bedroom mirror, her eyes widening in shock. “No way, Maggie. I can’t wear this,” she said to her younger sister, starting to pull the beautiful, but sexy red slipdress off her slim shoulders. She had an odd feeling something momentous was going to happen tonight and she was wondering if she wanted that to happen in such a daring dress.

Maggie put her hands on her older sister’s shoulders, laughing at the horrified expression. “Yes you can. You look fabulous and I can guarantee that other people will be wearing much more revealing dresses than this. You’ll stand out if you don’t wear something less conservative than that,” she explained, her hand waving to the boring, black crepe dress Alicia had originally been planning to wear. “Besides, you don’t have an alternative. It is the only fancy dress I have and you don’t have any. Your black dress isn’t appropriate for this kind of a function. Trust me.”

Alicia sighed. Her sister was right. She didn’t have any other option but it didn’t stop her hands from moving to the spaghetti straps to pull the bodice slightly higher. She was biting her lower lip in indecision, worrying about so many possibilities.

Sighing heavily, Alicia shook her head. “I think I’ll just skip the event,” she started to say. “Absolutely not!” Maggie said emphatically and moved around to face her sister, blocking her view of the dress in the mirror. Looking right into Alicia’s dark blue eyes, she smiled. “Alicia, this is your big night. Go out, have a good time and just relax with your friends. It is a company party so all of your co-workers will be there. It will be seen as a slight by your peers if you don’t attend.”

Alicia’s shoulders drooped, knowing her sister was right. She wished she some sort of emergency would suddenly pop up and get her out of this professional obligation. She hated going to these kinds of functions on her own. “Yes, but they all have husbands or significant others. I’ll be all alone,” she said, worried about going as well as the consequences of not going.

Maggie smiled encouragingly. “You’ll be fine. Just pretend you’re royalty and they’ll all assume you know something they don’t. You’ll fascinate them.” Maggie chuckled at her sister. “Just consider this the beginning of your freedom from the past ten years. Good grief, you’ve been working at least three jobs for so long to help mom and me, no wonder you’re nervous about going out and just relaxing.”

Alicia ignored her sister’s comments and peered around to inspect her image again. “Are you sure this dress isn’t too risqué?” she asked nervously. Maggie shook her head firmly. “You know it isn’t. I wore it to that dinner two weeks ago and no one even blinked. So stop worrying about it and just go out to enjoy yourself. You definitely deserve it,” she said.

Accepting that Maggie wasn’t going to take no for an answer, and her younger sister really did have a knack for style, Alicia laughed and hugged her sister. “Okay, you’ve taken away every one of my arguments. So I’ll go but I’m only going to make an appearance, then get right back out of there. I’m not the social butterfly like you are. You can talk to just about anyone and get their life history out of them. It’s why you’re so good at your job,” she said, referring to Maggie’s month-old job as an aide to a senator down in Washington, D.C.

Maggie shook her head, denying her sister’s assertion that the social aspect of work life was too hard. “You’ll be fine. Just smile occasionally and I guarantee that the men will do the rest,” she said, eyeing her sister’s beautiful, delicate features dominated by her blue, almond shaped eyes that shone like cat eyes out of a creamy complexion that a model would die for. Throw in her lustrous brown locks that hung down to her waist, and Alicia was a stunning woman. And what’s more, she didn’t know it, nor did she care. A more selfless woman, Maggie had never known.

Snapping out of her inspection, she picked up a brush. “Let’s do something with that hair, shall we?” she said and pushed Alicia into a chair so she could tackle her thick, long, brown hair that curled just slightly at the ends.

“Good luck,” Alicia said grimly, but gave in to the tender ministrations of Maggie.

After a half hour, Maggie had achieved a miracle. “How’s that?” she asked, stepping out of the way so Alicia could see her hair in the mirror. Instead of the thick hair that just fell in waves down her back, Maggie had pulled it all into a pony tail then curled the ends so they twirled in corkscrews down her back leaving small tendrils floating around her face.