A Fragile Wife(10)

By: Cynthia Dane

“Punish me, sir!” She lived for this. For the sheer amount of attention she received from him, his cock stretching her open and claiming her innermost chambers. His hands all over her. His breath increasing, as he refused to let her go. “Fuck me!”

“That’s right, Lana.” Ken pushed her onto the table, forcing himself into her as she moaned against the papers in need of signing. I just signed them with my DNA. How’s that? No doubt more than a little saliva got all over those pristine white pages. “You can’t be satisfied, can you? You’re always looking for your next thrill to get you by.”

She whimpered into his papers, her hips slamming against the edge of the desk from the impact of his thrusts.

“You’re a whore, aren’t you?”

The power in that word nearly sent her to the edge. Yes, yes, call me a whore you bastard. Demean her, dirty her, make her feel like her entire existence circled around taking pleasure into her body. Her husband’s pleasure.

“Does it feel good?” Ken gave her an extra hard thrust in case she wasn’t feeling good enough. “Do you get off on men fucking you in the cunt?”

Yes, yes, and more yes.

Too bad Lana was past the point of forming coherent words. She was already coming, her pussy searching for more of her husband’s cock to take deeper inside. As the quick orgasm subsided, Ken pulled up her hip and slammed into her. They had entered the phase of it being all about his pleasure now.

“Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Fuck!”

 “Good.” Ken grabbed a chunk of her hair and pulled her head back. “Beg for it!”

“Yes! Give it to me!”

“Are you a filthy woman who needs to be punished?”

Every word lit a spark within her. The nastier he got, the hotter she got. “For fuck’s sake yes!”

“And what do women like you get as their punishment, Lana?”

The pleasure was getting to her again. She knew Ken was close. His heavy breaths, the intensity of his thrusts, and that sweet tone in his throat told her she was about to get her punishment. It made her relax around his cock – as much as she could, anyway! – and prepare to accept his climax into her body.

“What do they get?”

His shouts startled her in all the right ways. Just as he was about to ask again, Lana cried back, “They get…!” She couldn’t say it, but they both knew what she was thinking.

He proved she was right by holding her down on his desk, his cock stilling deep inside her as the first and second bursts of his seed came.

They were hot inside her. Lana screamed into the desk as she felt them, her body nothing more than a receptacle for her husband’s needs, wants, desires, wishes. He could use her however he wanted. He could throw her on her back after this and fill her up more. He could come on her face for all she cared. Make her swallow it as it hit the back of her throat. Coat her breasts, her stomach…

Her thighs…

Those last ones got the final part of Ken’s orgasm as he pulled out in time to cover her left thigh. Between that and fluids flowing out of her with carefully timed contractions of her inner walls, Lana was done.

Punished, and done.

“My gorgeous girl,” Ken said, wrapping his hand gently around the front of her throat and easing her onto her side. Liquid spilled down her leg until it wrapped around her knee, threatening to touch her husband’s desk. “At least I’ll always have a place to shove my dick and let loose what makes me a man.”

Lana would’ve cackled into her arms if she had the strength.

Her husband sank back into his chair, staring at the ceiling as he attempted to catch his breath.

“And to think… I just showered.” Lana stood up, covering her ass with her robe before leaning against the desk. She left the front of her robe open and legs slightly spread so Ken had a good view of what he had done to her. “At least I was sufficiently punished. There is that.”

Ken regarded her with a stoic visage. “Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“I want lots of things.”

“I know that. You have the most voracious appetite of any woman I know.”

“I could say the same thing about you.”

Ken managed a wan smile. “I’d offer to give you another round, Bunny, but I really need to wash up and turn in. I’ll do you again tomorrow.”

Lana stepped forward, licking her fingers and patting down a tuft of his hair. “You’ll fuck me whenever I damn well please, whore.” She could throw that right back at him. With a pat to his cheek, Lana moved away, tying her robe close to her body as she mentally called dibs on their master suite. “Good night, Kenneth.”