A Fragile Wife(59)

By: Cynthia Dane

As laughter took the four of them over, Lana kissed her husband’s cheek in gratitude before redirecting her lips to his ear.

“Code red, Kenny.”

He slipped his arm around her midsection. “I figured. She’s totally your type.”

“And he’s totally yours.”

“I thought we weren’t doing this on our honeymoon.”

“I changed my mind. I wanna make him watch you fuck his wife while I give him the hummer of his life.”

“That’s boring. I was thinking one giant pile in our cottage.”

“It’s called doing both.”

Lana patted her husband’s shoulder and went back to the main conversation at hand. “Of course we’ve been to Vermont,” she said. “Kenneth has family from there.”

Idle chitchat always had a habit of leading to something more… risqué. Which proved true even now as Mr. and Mrs. Andrews flattered their new friends into submission. Quite literally.

I don’t want to have any other kind of marriage. Lana walked back to her cottage with her husband and friends, arms linking between Ken’s and the woman’s. She looked at her husband, sharing with him a small smile that said he infinitely loved her. I’ve got everything I could possibly need in this one right here.

She wasn’t fragile – she was cautious. Cautious to the strange sensations that sometimes struck her heart and soul. The two parts of her most susceptible to wild speculation and suggestion.

Ten years had gone by so quickly. She hoped the next ten with her husband would be a bit more relaxed. Anywhere outside of the bedroom, anyway.