A Fragile Wife(9)

By: Cynthia Dane

I hope so. I need it.

“Spread your legs.”

She eased them open, feeling the carpeted mat turn into the natural hardwood of the floor.

“Show me your cunt.”

Cunt. Lana loved that word. It was right up there with “bitch” in her favorite things to call herself and the parts of her body. Other women danced around the harsh vulgarities. To a point, she understood. They weren’t interested in reclaiming the terrible things men had called them for generations. Lana didn’t mind. She would do it. She would look her husband in the eye and tell him to call it her cunt, especially when he intended on taking it for his. God, hearing those harsh sounds fall from his lips and growl in his throat made Lana feel the right amount of belittled and controlled.

She pushed her hand between her legs and once again opened herself. This time, however, it was to her husband, her Dom.

“Is this satisfactory?” she asked with only a hint of sarcasm. Lana couldn’t help it. Sarcasm was her natural speed. “Or should I give you more?” She rubbed her clit, moaning, feeling her fingertips grow wetter the more she stimulated herself in front of Ken’s eyes.

“I want to hear you beg for it, Lana. Beg for your punishment.”

“Please…” She pressed her breasts against the desk, reveling in the coolness against her nipples. “Punish me with your cock, sir. I’ve been misbehaving.”

“What did you do?”

Lana sucked in her breath, gazing at a stack of papers awaiting her husband’s signature. “You know what I’ve done, sir.”

“Now, Bunny, I want to hear you say it.”

Did she have to? This was probably a conversation best had when they weren’t having sex. “I doubted our marriage long enough to call my cousin again.”

“What else? I’m sure you’ve been misbehaving in other areas.” Ken teased her wet entrance with the head of his cock. “I want a full confession, Lana.”

She snorted. Like hell she was going in that deep – unlike him. “That’s it for today. Now fuck me before I…”

“Before you what?”

Lana threatened to back onto his cock. “Before I do it for you.”

She expected him to pin her down and make her behave. Instead, he tapped her ass and said, “Your eagerness precedes you. You know what they call women who can’t wait to get punished with a man’s cock, right?”

Ah, yes, one of Lana’s most favorite games. “Why, I believe they call them sluts, Kenneth.”

“The word slut has never suited you, Bunny. Pick a different one.”

She gritted her teeth with a smile. “Call me a whore.”

“You always go for the most scandalous words, Lana.”

Muscles tightened as she craned her head over her shoulder. “That’s one of the reasons you love me, baby.”

“You definitely make it interesting.” Ken grabbed her hips and brought her onto his cock, his length filling her, pushing deep, deeper until she was gasping against his desk. Her knuckles were already white from squeezing way too damn hard.

He gave her two easy thrusts. Then he showed her no mercy.

“Shit!” Lana slapped a hand against her husband’s desk as his cock attempted to take her by surprise. “Oh, fuck!”

“That’s what I like to hear.” Ken was the kind of man who was way too composed when he did his wife. When they were like this? It turned Lana on like nothing else. If any man was going to take control of her, it better be a man who only started growling when he fucked like this. Lana didn’t have room in her life for men who lost it the moment they started pumping away like famished idiots.

“Fuck me, Kenneth!” Her body was pushed against the desk, her breasts trapped against stained oak and her pussy stretched to its meager limits. “For the love of God!”

This was what a few days without sex did to her. Turn her into a screaming banshee.

“That’s right, Lana.” Ken wasn’t louder than her, but she could hear him, and that was all that mattered. “Take my cock.”

He grabbed her by the sides, pulling her up far enough to slip his hands beneath her robe and clutch her breasts. Oh, no, I’m taken. Her husband behind her, inside her, in front of her… if Lana was going to bottom for any man in the world, it was one who knew how to do this to her… who knew how to tame the wild tigress she saw herself as.

Ken’s thrusts increased. Soon she was wet enough for him to take her so hard that she heard nothing but his skin slapping against hers. Oh my mother fucking fuck fuck! She balled her hands into fists and pressed them against the desk.