A Toy For Two

By: Jennifer Cole

Book II: The Dungeon Master Series

Chapter 1

Earlier, Megan’s best friend Dani had called to say she had the weekend off—the first in six weeks. The two of them planned to make tonight an event their other best friend Natalie would not soon forget.

At Dani’s suggestion, they were taking Natalie to the hottest night club in the city to celebrate fun, friends, and freedom from the workplace. Le Club d’Esclavage had opened the year earlier, and its popularity grew every evening. By all reports, the BDSM club had been a bigger success than anyone first thought. Three months after opening night, management had already been forced to use guest list, and take reservations for the private playrooms on the second floor. If a customer didn’t have an ‘in’, they could expect to spend hours in line waiting their turn to get inside.

Piled into a yellow taxi, the trio were on their way. Natalie had no idea what they had planned for her, and by the stoic expression of disinterest on her face, didn’t particularly care. Megan knew Natalie had been pulling 24/7 days with a new client at the magazine where she worked, and would’ve been happier than a pig in shit to spend the evening alone catching up on her rest. Megan, however, was ‘good time central’, so with gentle but persistent encouragement from Dani, they’d talked Natalie into a girls’ night out on the town.

Natalie was the sensible, level headed member of their trio. She’d had to study hard for good grades, worked several part-time jobs to put herself through school, and now dedicated every spare moment to her career.

Dani was the adorable, stereotypical blonde, which would be far more fitting if she weren’t a brunette. She was fun loving, naïve and innocent to a fault. Her family didn’t have the money to further her education after high school, so Dani worked the day shift at her parent’s local coffee diner. She loved her job, and the customers adored her.

With Megan’s lust for adventure and all things odd, and Dani’s natural instincts to follow Megan’s lead, it never failed the three would find themselves somewhere weird, and usually in trouble. Tonight would be no exception.

When Dani had suggested Le Club d’Esclavage for their evening entertainment, arousal had been Megan’s first response. Although Megan didn’t have a burning interest in the BDSM scene, she’d be lying if she didn’t admit to being a mite curious. The fact her father had fought tooth and nail to put a kibosh on the club’s opening fed her curiosity like gas tossed into an already roaring fire.

As the taxi carried them through town, thoughts of the articles she’d read regarding the club had her shivering with nervous excitement. Megan was aware of the private playrooms located on the club’s second floor. She also knew as long as the sexual experience was consensual between the players, anything went.

The words of the club’s manager echoed in her mind: “The owner would like to make one thing very clear. When you cross the threshold into Le Club d’Esclavage, it is your desire to participate completely in our manner of play, and such will be expected of you.”

The thought of what went on in the risqué club had her pulse racing, and had made her panties damp on more than one occasion. Though curious, and somewhat intrigued, she’d decided there was no way someone was going to tie her up and beat her, just for kicks. Sexual or not.

As they neared the club, Megan wasn’t the least bit concerned about what might happen once inside. Hell, it wasn’t as if some hunk of man would toss her over his shoulder and cart her off to his dungeon of torture.

She just didn’t have that kind of good luck.

Over the past few years, Megan’s social life had become almost nonexistent. If it weren’t for Nat and Dani, and of course her job, she’d have little reason to even leave her condo. The thought of someone ‘choosing’ her as their evening playmate tonight was absurd, in her opinion. It had become clear that she gave off the ‘stay the hell away’ vibe where the opposite sex was concerned.

She’d always been very particular who she shared her body with. Hell, the guy she gave her virginity to when she was twenty five thought her a freak. “Are you fucking kidding,” he’d said. “A bitch as fine as you should be well broken in by your age.” Their six month relationship ended that night.

She’d grown tired of inept fingers groping, and mouths slobbering all over her. If that was all sex had to offer, she’d gladly go without. It was sad, really. She’d never once achieved climax at the hands of a lover.

Believing the hurtful remarks her ex made about her being frigid, Megan had wandered into an adult novelty shop one day after breaking it off with the jerk, and purchased a vibrator. Sex toy in hand, she quickly realized she hadn’t been the one with the problem. By herself, she found sexual release aplenty, yet knew there should be more.