Billionaire's Stripper

By: Posey Parks



My friends had the bright idea of taking me to a strip club for my twenty-fifth birthday. We could have done anything for my birthday. Gone to the Islands or as simple as a yacht party. Not that I’ve never been to a strip club or have an issue with watching beautiful women drop to the floor, pushing their asses in my face. I like it. I rather it be my woman pushing her ass in my face.

My name is Hayden Eric Gaster. I am heir to billions. I never needed to obtain a college degree. However, I chose to. I wanted to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree. I’ve worked under my father since I was thirteen. I know everything there is to know about stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Passing the Series 7 and Series 3 exam was easy at the age of eighteen. I gained my first clients while I was away at Yale.

“We are here!” yelled Bryce.

Myself and five of my closest friends climbed out of the stretch Cadillac Escalade limousine.

The guard searched each of us before entering the club. Bryce paid the bouncer, we proceeded into the club. I’ve never been to a strip club in the city. Bryce said this is the best strip club in the country. Make it Rain is known for rolling out the red carpet to the celebrities when in town. We sat in a roped off section in front of the stage.

Bryce slapped me on my shoulder. “Man, the women here are nice G!”

Bryce calls me G, short for my last name.

Bryce is my cousin who loves tricking off his money. So, if he says they have the best women here, then I believe him.

The strobe lights danced across the stage. A dancer in a pink paw print bikini took the stage. She stood on stage, head dropped. The music began and she took the pole by storm. Upside down she shook her ass making her pussy pop and her ass clap. Her bronze complected ass held my attention. Men threw dollars at her feet. She dropped to the floor doing the splits then hopped up. After collecting the money off the stage, she slipped out of her costume. Her golden blonde tresses fell against her shoulders and down her back. She sat her money and clothes beneath the stage. Her slender honey brown frame strolled up the stairs past all the men waving their stack toward her. Our eyes locked as if they were glued together.

“Yeah, step on over!” Bryce yelled.

“This is the birthday boy right here,” he pointed.

All of a sudden, I had tunnel vision. I only saw her beautiful face and gorgeous body.

I stared into her gray eyes. I was in a trance.

She placed her hand on my shoulder. “Hello blue eyes. What is your name?”

My voice finally found its way past the lump in my throat. “Hayden.”

She smiled. “Happy birthday Hayden.”

My name rolled off her tongue like silk. Fuck, she is beautiful. She raised her hands over her head clapping, shaking her hips.

“Don’t be afraid. Open your legs baby.”

My long legs widened, allowing her to stand comfortably in front of me. Her pussy popped in my face.

“You can touch me. Bryce paid ten stacks, so it’s ok.”

My fists clenched against my thighs. She grabbed my hands placing them on her hips.

My friends cheered, slapping my shoulders. “Happy birthday G!”

Money poured around her.

“Hayden, are you ok? Would you like to go to a private room?”


She squatted, collecting all of the money. Her hand fell into mine pulling me to my feet.

I patted Bryce on the shoulder with my free hand. “Thanks man.” I smiled.

“Anything for you brother!”

I followed behind her into a dark private room in the back of the club. I’m 6’4”, she has to be around 5’7”.

She placed the stack of cash on a table near the long blood red bench.

“Have a seat.”

My eyes roamed her beautifully curved body as I sat.

Her hands gripped her voluptuous breasts as she shook her ass to the beat.

The private room was nice. I could watch her without an audience.

“Can I ask you a question?”

Her eyes peeked back at me as her ass shook.


“Did Bryce ask you to give me your undivided attention?”

“No. He told me to treat you well. I always focus on the customer.”

She turned, placing my hands on her ass. Her soft hands rested on my shoulders.

“Your eyes made it easy. You know, giving you my undivided attention. You are fine as shit,” she blushed.

I smiled. “Thank you.”

My hands dropped from her ass to my sides.

“How far did Bryce ask you to go with me?”

She stepped back, folding her arms. “What the fuck are you implying? Did he ask me to fuck you?”

“No, I’m sorry. No disrespect. How much time do I have with you?”

“I don’t know. Sounds like you want things to go somewhere they are never going to go. I’ll dance butt ass naked for you and let you touch me a little. There will be no rubbing my pussy or my breasts. It ain’t that fucking kind of party!” She rolled her eyes.