Captivated by Him(10)

By: Terri E. Laine

“So he’s a work in progress. He’d treat you like a princess. And remember, Bill Gates was once a Kevin.”

“Money doesn’t equal love.”

She glared at me. “I didn’t mean it that way and you know it.” I did. Reagan wasn’t materialistic at all. “Did you know when he asked his wife out for the first time, she turned him down? Claimed he wasn’t spontaneous enough. He didn’t give up and after seven years of relentless pursuit, they married and have three kids together. I imagine he adored her and you deserve to be adored.”

I let her words fill me. She was right. I hooked my arms through hers.

“Okay, he has seven years to convince me.” That made her laugh. “And don’t forget, you deserve to be adored too. Let’s go have some fun and watch as guys trip all over themselves over us.”

She smiled, but she wasn’t quite there yet. “I’m only going to support you, not to find any guy.”

I grinned. “We’ll see. I think maybe you just haven’t found the right guy.”

As we headed over, Reagan tried to wheedle her way out of doing something for my birthday next weekend.

“You promised,” I said as we made it.

The party was already underway and had spilled outside into the common area. People were drinking and dancing, and generally having a great time. My mood brightened more.

“Let’s get a drink,” I suggested.

Reagan held up her hands. “Not for me. I had enough last time.”

I shrugged. “I’ll be right back.”

At the cooler, I grabbed a beer for me and a soda for her. No doubt the can was for mixing drinks, but I walked back over to my friend.

“Thanks,” she said when I handed it to her.

Her smile was timid. She was so out of her element, but it was good for her.


And there he was. My body instantly hummed with excitement. It was as if I were a livewire tuned to him. Never had my lady parts responded so extremely to any guy.

“Hey,” I said, but focused on Reagan, effectively ignoring the man with eyes like the night’s sky.

She greeted him, but I hadn’t heard what she said. Everything had been drowned out by the sound of the blood rushing through my veins.

“Yeah, sure,” I heard her say.

Reagan glanced at me before turning. What had I missed?

I gazed up. His perfect lips were curved into a megawatt grin. He lifted his hand and pushed a few flyaway tendrils away from my face. It was as if I were held captive by him. I couldn’t seem to move. He let his hand fall to his side.

“Where did Reagan go?” I squeaked.

Lovely. I couldn’t even talk around him.

I glanced around for her while hiding my embarrassment. She’d disappeared into the crowd. It wasn’t my intentions to leave her alone. Knowing her, she’d walk back to the dorms and make good on her plans for movies and ice cream.

“I figured she didn’t want to be around.”

I turned and focused narrowed eyes on him. “Why?”

He slid a hand to the small of my back and pulled me close to whisper in my ear. “Angel, I didn’t think she wanted to hear all the ways I want to corrupt you. And lead you from grace.”

It was anything but corny, and my panties might have melted. He guided me forward and I went willingly. He called me “Angel” and in that moment I didn’t want to be seen as pristine. Derrick had always treated me like a princess, but in the end, he hadn’t wanted to be my prince. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t keep a guy. They thought I was a nice girl.

The music went up a notch as we entered the house. I had to sidestep my way down the hall, but Gavin didn’t lose contact with my back the entire time. His hand slid around my waist and stopped me when we reached an open door. The bathroom was dark as he steered me in, expertly switching on a light before closing and locking the door.

I spun to face him, wondering what he expected of me. I knew what I wanted and dared to be bold and go for it.

“What now?” I challenged.

He didn’t back down. Quite the opposite. He caged me against the counter, leaving my hands trapped behind me.

I freed them to thread my hands through his hair and pull him to me. Our mouths bumped a second, causing us to pull back a little to stare at one another. The zing was more than static electricity. There was a matching fire in his eyes and we didn’t wait a second longer to try again.

He pushed my hair back and leaned into me until my back was flush with the mirror. At the same time, he hoisted me up to sit on the counter with him wedged between my legs.

His kiss was like liquid flame burning me from the inside out, and I couldn’t get enough. Though his lips were soft, his possession of my mouth was all-consuming.