Captivated by Him(2)

By: Terri E. Laine

“How about you convince your friend here to dance with me, yeah?” In all the time I’d known him, he hadn’t gone after a girl this hard—especially one he’d just met. When his gaze shifted to me, I raised a brow. We’d known each other long enough for him to figure out my meaning. “And you dance with my friend here.”

The blonde wasn’t happy, and her friend waved us off for a little privacy.

“This is too easy,” I said.

“She’s drunk. You’re not going there, are you?”

Before I could respond, the brunette fucking winked at me. Was she playing some sort of game, or was that the alcohol coursing through her?

She grabbed on my arm and steered me toward the bodies pressing themselves together and calling it dancing. I shrugged at Tade as I was led away. I left him with the blonde, who didn’t at all look happy about it.

The crowd was thick, forcing us close together in the tight confines. I didn’t mind it, especially when she started to move. I claimed her hips in my grip, letting any asshole close know she was taken.

Then, I leaned in to whisper in her ear. “What’s your name, angel?”

I pulled back and caught her licking her lips before she answered. That only made me want to kiss her, and that was unusual for me. Sure, I kissed women. But usually that was just a byproduct to get to the main event between their thighs.

“I thoughtttt I was sweeeetheart.”

I tipped her chin up with my index finger. “You look like an angel to me.”

She rewarded me with a glorious smile, and that made me wonder what she tasted like. Surely the alcohol she’d consumed. But I would wager she was sweeter than that.

“My nammme is Megan,” she slurred before suddenly spinning to give me her back.

She was petite, but her curves went on for days. She ground that fantastic ass of hers against my dick, making me hard. No doubt that was her plan, but no way would I surrender this early in the game.

I spun her to face me again. Her eyes were closed like she felt the music all the way to her soul. Damn, she was mesmerizing. My grip slipped as she swayed, taking a step back. I caught her hips again and tugged her close, maintaining control. Then my damn phone vibrated in my pocket, but I ignored it. I leaned down to her ear.

“I’m Gavin. What are your plans tonight?”

She lifted her arms in the air in that carefree way when someone was completely lost in the beats that thrummed through the speakers.

I watched her mouth move and read the word off her lips: “This.”

The pull to her mouth was magnetic. I gave in and dipped my head to claim her.

A burst of mint tangled on my tongue as she kissed me back. Her arms looped around my neck as the singer crooned on about being weak. In that moment, I felt every word he sang.

My phone vibrated again. But when my angel named Megan pulled away from me, I realized it was her phone. Where the hell had she been hiding it? She stared at the screen, which cast a burst of light, like a beacon, over her face.

What she was about to say was written in the frown lines around her mouth.

“Sorry. I—uh… have—to um… go,” she said slowly, alcohol clouding her brain.

The casual way some guys checked out her tits and ass as she paved a way through the crowd had my protective nature flaring up. I followed in her wake to make sure if she was truly leaving that she got to her car without being bothered by some drunken assholes.

Stopping at the fringe of the crowd, I pulled out my phone to check who’d called me earlier. It turned out to be a text from Tade. He’d left. Interesting. Had he struck out with the blonde or had he decided she wasn’t worth it?

I glanced up and saw Megan talking animatedly with her friend with serious eye rolls. Seconds later, she glanced around. When she spotted me, she lifted a hand to wave goodbye. So they were taking off. I caught up with her because there was no point in me hanging around. She’d been the most interesting girl here. And with Tade gone, I didn’t feel up to drinking alone. We’d met up here because I had business, but he hadn’t left me stranded—I had my truck.

“I’m headed out. I’ll walk you to your car,” I offered.

“We—” Megan’s glassy eyes held mine. She blinked a few times before she finished her statement. “We… Didn’t… Drive.”

It had taken effort for her to say the words. The music had kept her up, halfway sober. Apparently leaving was making the effects of her drinking grow.

“We’re getting an Uber. So you don’t have to wait for us,” the blonde snapped.

I wasn’t sure if she was being protective of her friend or if she didn’t like guys in general. A picture of why Tade had left started forming in my head.