Captivated by Him(4)

By: Terri E. Laine

Unable to go back to sleep, I stumbled out of bed and found Betsy, not Reagan, making all the noise. She caught sight of me. “Rough night?”

I bobbed my head and scurried on bare feet to the bathroom. Bloodshot eyes greeted me in the mirror. My hair looked like a nest had sprouted on top of my head.

You’ve got to stop doing this to yourself.

Hazy memories of dancing with one of the hottest guys I’d ever seen came back. He’d kissed me… or had I kissed him? I didn’t know. What I did remember was feeling a tightening in my lady bits, and I nearly crossed my legs in the present as the memory washed over me.

Damn, he could kiss. If he did other things just as well, I might break my rule about no one-night stands.

Crazy thoughts. I made a fool of myself. He probably thought I was an easy hookup. I brushed my teeth and remembered calling his friend pretty, or was that beautiful. As I rinsed my mouth, I closed my eyes in mortification. I’d sounded all kinds of crazy last night.

I felt halfway human when I exited the bathroom. Reagan was up and on her computer like the study worm she was. I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and guzzled it. Then I took a banana from the fruit basket—we always had them on hand. They were good for ending the hangover effects. I quickly ate it before joining Rae.

“Why did you let me drink?” I asked and flopped next to her on the hard sofa.

She gave me a death glare. “Let you drink? You dragged me to that place last night.”

She rolled her eyes and I did it back.

“You never want to have fun. I'm surprised you lasted that long at the University of Maryland.” She was a transfer student from there after a couple of semesters off, though she’d done some online coursework to keep her on track for graduation. I’d gone to a few parties there while in high school. “Now, they know how to party.”

“How would you know?”

I circled a finger in the air. “Oh, I have my ways. But I'll forgive you, you being homeschooled and all. Though all the other homeschoolers I know go ape shit crazy as soon as they get out from under their parents. Yet you…”

“I'm boring,” she answered.

“Yeah, but I love you.” I reached over and gave her a quick hug. “Are you going to lay out with me today?” She sighed. “Come on. Maybe some sun will help take away some of that crabbiness.” When she didn't answer, I added, “Gavin might be down there.”

She sighed. “It’s Gavin now? Who’s next?”

I poked out a lip. “I have to make up for lost time. That asshole took away three of my best years.”

Derrick wasn’t a bad guy, which was why I’d been with him so long. I wanted to hate him for breaking up with me, but he’d been honest about wanting to date other people. How could I fault him for that? He’d been upfront and truthful. Isn’t that the respect most want in a relationship?

That hadn’t meant it didn’t hurt—it had, which was why I’d spent last semester putting myself out there. I hadn’t slept with anyone, thank goodness, but I’d dated several guys. But all had been more interested in what was under my clothes than me, and that had been a total turnoff.

I lowered my voice. “And that hot friend of his with that sexy scruff had goo-goo eyes for you.” For emphasis, I clawed a hand in the air and made tiger sounds.

Her response wasn’t unexpected. “I'm not interested.”

I sighed. “When are you ever interested? Are you a lesbian? You know it’s okay. I'm cool with it. I've kissed a girl once or twice.”

Drunken dares. With my eyes closed, it hadn’t been different. But opened, it wasn’t there for me. I liked dick.

She glared at me. “I'm not a lesbian.”

I focused on her. “Are you a virgin, then?”

Some days I wished for my virginity back. All three guys that I’d been with had been long-term relationships and duds in that area. I’d never even had an orgasm with any of them.

“Why the twenty questions?” she asked.

I blinked, and then remembering what I’d asked, I shrugged. “I'm just curious. Gavin's friend was way hot. We had the best two guys in the bar and you didn't bat an eye.”

Gavin, if memory served, had darker hair than his friends. His beautiful gray eyes were full of storm clouds and I wasn’t sure if that storm had been directed at me or if he had secrets that he kept bottled up.

Reagan danced around the question as usual, with her excuses of school and wanting to graduate. She sounded like she recited words her mother would say.

“You need to spend more time hanging out with people your own age.”