Conquering Lovers (County Sheriffs #2)

By: Becca Van

Isabella Fuller’s sister, Maria, was the serial killer’s first victim, and Bella is riddled with guilt and grief. She was supposed to have met Maria for a drink after work, but ended up being late due to circumstances beyond her control, and she never sees her sister again. It doesn’t help that Maria’s last boyfriend blames Bella for Maria’s death, too.

When she finds out Brett only dated her sister to get to her, Bella is horrified. And when he assaults her, Bella’s guilt won’t allow her press charges. But then she’s rescued by two handsome deputy sheriffs.

Dawson Campbell and Kent Evans know Bella is the woman they’ve been waiting for, but when they ask her out on a date, she refuses. However, good and bad circumstances throw the three together, time and time again. Bella can’t refuse when the deputies ask her to be in a relationship with them, but when evil gets her in its clutches, she isn’t sure she’ll see the men she’s fallen in love with ever again.

Chapter One

Dawson Campbell glanced over at his best friend and deputy colleague as they strolled down the main street of Cody. Keeping the women of their town safe was paramount since there was a serial killer on the loose in their vicinity, but Dawson knew none of them would be able to lock the fucker up before another innocent woman lost her life. He hated feeling so fucking useless, but there was nothing he, Kent, or any of their other friends could do until they knew who they were looking for.

It was hard keeping his frustration under wraps when all he wanted to do was hunt the sick psychopath down and put him behind bars where he belonged. Other than a Caucasian male in his mid-twenties to early forties, they had no idea who they were looking for. For all Dawson knew, the killer could be someone they interacted with each and every day.

Every man who passed him and Kent as they wandered down the street had him taking second and even third glances. His stomach was knotted, and no matter how hard he tried to keep his emotions under wraps, it was getting harder with every hour that passed.

“Want to grab some lunch?” Kent asked.

Dawson met the gaze of his friend, who then nodded toward the diner. He inhaled deeply, which made his empty stomach growl and his mouth begin salivating. “Yeah.”

Before they reached the door to the diner, Dawson heard someone yelling, spun, and, after a cursory glance at the minimal traffic, took off at a sprint across the road toward where he could hear a man screaming. Kent’s pounding footsteps were right behind him.

“You’re to blame for all of this, you bitch.”

Dawson growled when he heard the slap of flesh meeting flesh. He turned the corner to the alley and stopped just before barreling down the scruffy-looking man standing over the woman who was now crouched close to the ground with her hand over her face, tears in her eyes and streaming down her cheeks, sobs coming out of her mouth.

Dawson had the asshole in an arm lock seconds later, and after grabbing his cuffs from his belt, he secured the bastard with his arms behind his back.

“Are you all right, miss?” Kent moved in closer to the woman as Dawson pulled the fucker back a few steps, away from the cowering woman, before shoving him into the opposite wall face-first and beginning to pat him down. He read the bastard his rights and then spun him around before shoving his ass to the ground.

“Stay there!” Dawson ordered as he turned to find Kent helping the blonde-haired woman back to her feet.

“I’m okay,” the woman said in a quavering voice and removed her hand from her face.

Dawson sucked in a loud breath when he saw the red marks on that soft-looking creamy skin. The lady’s face was already swelling and beginning to bruise.

“What’s your name?” Kent asked.

“Isabella Fuller.”

Why is the name Fuller familiar? Dawson frowned.

“Isabella, do you want to press charges for assault?” Dawson asked after glancing at the prick sitting on the ground with his head hanging down.


Dawson ground his teeth together and rolled his lips inward. The urge to yell at her and ask her “why the hell not?” was so strong he had to turn away. He walked back over to the asshole and squatted down in front of him, and when he spoke, he kept his voice low so Isabella wouldn’t hear what he said. “We don’t need her to press charges to arrest you. My partner and I could lock you up and throw away the key until you go to trial. Want to tell me why you hit a defenseless woman?”

Dawson tugged the fucker to his feet when he didn’t answer. After searching his pockets and pulling his wallet out, Dawson checked the bastard’s ID. Brett Taylor was a local resident of Cody and twenty-six years old. He reeked of booze and body odor, which told Dawson that the idiot had obviously been on a bender that had lasted for days. He glanced over his shoulder toward Kent and Isabella.