Divine Grace(118)

By: Heather Rainier

“If Dr. Guthrie says it’s all right, that is.” He’d missed her sweet body something fierce these last few months. From the beginning of the ninth month she’d been too uncomfortable to enjoy making love. She’d needed to be held and comforted more than she needed sex. Then she’d been off limits for the six weeks since the baby had been born.

All three of them had been there with Grace through her labor with Dr.

Guthrie’s approval and stayed right beside her through the delivery. They’d taken the classes and learned to be good coaches for her, helping her to relax and stay focused. Rose Marie Warner was born just as the sun had begun to rise. Grace had looked out on a new rosy day as her baby daughter nursed at her breast for the first time, her proud fathers looking on. Her tiny little rosy 518

lips parted so sweetly, suckling from her mother’s breast was a sight that reduced all three of her tough daddies to tears.

Adam had thought to himself that that was the happiest moment of his life. The thought that there would be even happier moments yet to come made his heart feel like it was being stretched near to bursting.

As he kissed Grace, he felt her relax against him and sighed. Then abruptly, she giggled. He looked down to see she had leaked all over him.

She pressed the damp towel against her nipples to stop the let-down reflex.

She giggled again. “I guess that’s what I deserve for getting turned on by you. I wouldn’t have minded getting wet, but I definitely didn’t mean like that.”

“I miss those sweet nipples.” He chuckled as he caressed her shoulder and kissed the top of her head.

“Well, after tomorrow, you won’t have to miss them anymore. You can lick, but don’t suck. That’s all I can say, unless you want to see what my milk tastes like, that is.”

“I’ll bet it’s sweet tasting, just like everything else about you.” He slid his long robe on her and turned up the sleeves a bit for her, and she tied it at the waist.

“How is Rose Marie?”

They’ve been taking turns rocking her. She fell asleep on Jack’s chest earlier. We took pictures for you. She’s the sweetest thing, just like her mama.”

“Except when she screams.”

“Seems I recall her mama screaming being one of the sweetest sounds my ears ever heard,” he replied as he slid his arms around her shoulders.

Grace giggled. “Maybe so, but she screams at the first hunger pang. My screams were because I was in absolute ecstasy. Big difference.” She chuckled and slid a hand towel into the front of the robe, pressing against her nipples. “Oh, there I go again. I should probably feed her now. Sorry, your robe is a little damp now.”

They found Ethan and Jack out on the back porch. Ethan held little Rose Marie in his big, muscular arms, crooning to their sweet little baby girl as he leaned against the porch railing. He smiled tenderly at Grace when she padded out barefoot wrapped in Adam’s robe. She peeked at Rose Marie,

who was gazing raptly up at one of her handsome daddies, wide awake.

Sensing her mother, she squawked hungrily.

Ethan rose from the railing as Grace turned and sat down on the glider.

She opened the left side of Adam’s robe, and Ethan laid Rose Marie in her arms. It didn’t bother Adam in the least for her to nurse openly in the privacy of their home. As a matter-of-fact, he felt a sort of primitive male pride in seeing her tending to their baby in such a natural way. Plus, he did love the sight of her fuller breasts these days. There was no denying it. He knew without a doubt that Jack and Ethan shared his feelings.

Adam stood against the porch rail, gazing down on one of his most cherished fantasies coming to life before him—Grace wrapped in his robe as she sat on the glider, one foot tucked under her, the other pushing the glider to rock. Their daughter wrapped in a fuzzy pink blanket against the slight chill in the evening air, little tufts of blonde hair wafting in the evening breeze as she nursed at her mother’s lovely breast. Grace nuzzled her little head with her lips, singing softly to her.

Adam joined her on the glider, putting his arm around Grace’s shoulders, watching as Rose Marie looked up at him, her baby-gray eyes studying him seriously while he watched over them both. He reached out a gentle finger and lightly brushed her cute little nose. His mom swore it was the Davis family nose. Time would tell.

“It couldn’t get any better than this moment, right now,” she whispered, laying her head on Adam’s shoulder and looking up into Jack and Ethan’s adoring eyes.

But it did.