His Demand (Dirtier Duet Book 1)(6)

By: Lisa Renee Jones

I grab her and pull her to me. “Did you fuck my brother?”

“God no,” she says, her hand landing on my chest. “I wanted to hire your brother. I need to hire your firm, but I’m pretty sure that means I shouldn’t have kissed you. And I can’t do it again. I can’t kiss you again. You know that, right?”

“Do you want to kiss me again?” I challenge.

“It doesn’t matter. I have to talk to you and—”

“Do you want to kiss me again?”

“Yes, but—”

That’s all I need to hear. I cup her head and kiss her.



When he kisses me, I feel alive. I feel like the woman that was hollowed out with pain. I tell myself to pull away from the kiss, that he’s my only hope in a war I didn’t want to fight, but that’s the problem. He feels like the lifeline in this war in ways I didn’t expect. And so, I sink into the kiss, and I kiss him like I’ve never been kissed before, like I will never be kissed again. Unbidden though, images of my mother crying last night are back in my mind and I shove away from him.

“Wait,” I plead. “Wait. I can’t hire you and do this, not without getting you in trouble and that’s not what I want.”

He turns me and presses me against the wall, that big, hard, perfect body of his caging mine in a delicious way that makes me forget anything I might be about to say. “You’re worried about getting me in trouble?” he demands.

“Yes.” My hands flatten on the solid wall of his chest. “Because you or Reid have to be the attorney. Really, it’s Reid I need, but he’s gone and—”

“Why Reid?”

“Because my enemy used to be his client.”


“Jean Claude Laurette. Reid managed his investments and—”

 “My father managed his investments. Who is Jean Claude to you?”

“Do we have to do this right here like this?”

He studies me, his blue eyes intense, sharp, potent. God, when this man looks at me, I feel it everywhere. And then suddenly, he’s kissing me again, his fingers tangled in my hair, a rough pull to their touch that undoes me in all the right ways. I can’t hold back with this man. I can’t stop the assault on my senses he creates and I melt right here in the hallway.

The only thing that brings me back to the present is the sound of voices nearby. I jolt and Gabe pulls back to look at me. “If we don’t go right now, I’m going to pull you in that bathroom and you won’t leave until you’ve come on my tongue.”

My eyes go wide. “You can’t say that.”

“You prefer I just do it?”

My cheeks heat. “No. I mean—I—”

He laughs, a low sexy laugh, and then a woman rounds the corner. He ignores her and presses his cheek to my cheek, his lips at my ear. “I’m going to enjoy making you blush,” he promises before pulling back and taking my hand. “Come with me.” He starts walking.

I don’t argue. Not when the woman that entered the hallway just glared at me. And not when his hand on mine feels so very good. I’ve been alone this past year, but in truth, I’ve been alone for five years. I was miserable. I know this isn’t possible, he and I aren’t possible, but there is this part of me that needs to feel every moment I can with him until it’s ripped away. He rounds the corner and moments later we enter the bar. He leads me toward my table where I assume we will sit and talk, but that’s not what happens.

The minute we get there, he shuts my MacBook and sticks it in my briefcase before he turns to face me, his handsome face etched with determination. “Where’s your coat?”

“I—at the hostess stand, but shouldn’t we sit down and talk? Or do you want to go to your office?”

He slides my briefcase over his shoulder and cups my face. “I’m taking you home with me. I don’t take women to my home, but I am you.”

His home? “I can’t do that. You can’t do that. I really need your help legally. I’m an attorney, but I can’t represent myself on this. I’ve tried. I need—”

“Reid and me. You need us both to beat Jean Claude. And as an attorney, you know that I can represent you as long as we’re involved before I sign on and I’m honest about it.” He takes my hand. “And we’re involved. I made that decision the minute you kissed me.”

“I can’t—”

 He leans in and kisses me. “I can, and enough for both of us. Say yes.”

Say yes.