Look Don't Touch

By: Tess Oliver


The hot water stung the scratches on my back as I dunked my head under to wash away the long night of drinking and sex. The shower door opened behind me, and a rush of cool air swept over my wet skin.

Kimberly's soft lips pressed against my shoulder. "Hope you don't mind if I use some of your hot water. The plane is waiting for me at the airport." Her fingers touched the scratches. "Oops, did I do that?"

"Sometimes I think you have them filed sharper to inflict the most damage."

"More fun that way."

I reached forward and turned on the second pair of water jets. I'd had the shower built big enough to accommodate four people, but it had only ever reached capacity twice. I'd discovered two women could be a treat but three required way too much organization on my part.

I turned to look at Kimberly.

She reached up to smooth her hair back under the water. The hot water cascaded over her puckered nipples as her plump tits jutted forward. "Besides, you left some damage of your own." She twisted at the waist to show me the red marks on her ass.

"As I recall, you kept yelling 'harder'." Thinking about the spanking she'd begged for the night before made my balls tighten. My cock surged into a rod of steel. I closed the gap between us. My chest grazed her hardened nipples as I reached behind her and grabbed hold of her long, wet hair. I tugged it just hard enough to lift up her face. Her lips parted, and I swept my tongue between them.

Kimberly and I had what I considered a perfect arrangement. It was a cock and pussy trade off, pure and simple. She came for cock, and I invited her for pussy. She was a wealthy heiress who spent her entire life traveling between family estates and her own posh houses. Whenever she was in California, and more specifically, next door at her family's Malibu Beach house, she stopped by for what she referred to as her 'friendly neighborhood spanking, rough play and fuck fest'.

Kimberly's fingers wrapped around my erection. She slipped the fleshy head between the folds of her pussy. I yanked her hair back farther and sucked the shower water off her long throat.

My mouth trailed along her skin. "Are you sure you need to leave for France so soon? I was hoping for one long fuck session tonight to celebrate the investment deal I'm locking down today. The deal that's going to earn me a partnership."

"Ooh, baby," she said with a fake breathy tone. "You make me so damn hot when you talk about investment deals while I have your cock pinched between my thighs." She laughed and squeezed my cock hard enough to make me wince and release her hair. "Sounds like you're going to miss me." She pushed her breasts against my chest.

"I'm definitely going to miss certain parts." I took rough hold of her wrists and yanked them up above her head.

"Damn, Archer, we sure are a couple of damaged fucking people." Her tongue flicked out, and she licked the water off her bottom lip. "Make me scream or you'll have to start all over." Her hair slapped me as I spun her around and pressed her hands against the tile wall. Water jets pulsed at us from every direction as the massive shower filled with hot, soapy steam.

I grabbed her hips to yank her ass toward me, but Kimberly was way ahead. She jutted her fine, round bottom at me and spread her legs wide. "You better make this worth my while, Nash Archer. I want my pussy to be aching for you all the way to Paris."

I knew exactly what she liked. She wanted to be punished when we fucked, just as badly as I wanted to punish her. She was right. We were truly damaged. It was one of the reasons I'd had more than one night of sex with the woman, a rarity for me. The madman who raised me, namely, my dad, had drilled into me that friends and longtime lovers were useless soul suckers who screwed with your focus. And without focus, you were screwed. He was an asshole, but the rules he forcefully instilled in me had made me a cutthroat businessman.

I jammed my cock into Kimberly. Her groan echoed off the glass. Something told me it was more from being tender after a long night of pleasure. I dug my fingers into her flesh and held her firmly as I pumped into her.

"Damn," she purred. "What have you done to my pussy with that oversized cock of yours?" Her weak laugh stretched into a breathy moan.

"Should I stop?" I grunted, thinking it was the last thing I wanted.

Kimberly's fingers curled. She kept her fists braced against the tile. Her knuckles were white, but instead of withdrawing, she pushed her ass out farther, wanting more.

"Have you heard me scream your name yet, Archer?" she said through the clenched jaw of pain.

"Not yet," I growled as I ground my cock into her.