Taking His Virgin(13)

By: Lila Younger

James’ kisses grow fiercer, rougher as he tries to keep me pressed to him, and I surrender to his lead. His hands glide down my waist, over my ass, lifting me up high until my legs lock around his waist. He takes two steps to the left, pushing me back against the wall. I can feel something hard and hot press against my cleft. Is that his cock? Surprise and panic cuts through the delicious sensation of having him grinding against me. It’s huge. His eyes are dark with desire, looking at me like a thirsty man in a desert.

His kisses trail down to my neck, and I can’t help but moan his name softly. I thread my hands through his dark hair, all my nervousness forgotten. Whatever he’s doing with his lips, it feels heavenly. Tendrils of pleasure spread wherever he touches me, and my nipples stiffen into peaks. His hands find them, pushing my breast above the bra cups. His powerful hands knead and massage my breasts, pinching and rolling the tips. It feels deliriously good, like nothing I’ve ever done to myself. I moan his name, begging him for what, I don’t know, only that I want to be touched, everywhere. I rock against his cock, forgetting everything as I let lust take over. Is it possible to come just like this? I don’t know, but it feels so damn good, I feel myself hovering on the brink, and maybe I just need a little more pressure-


The voice cuts through our moment, and James and I immediately freeze up. Is that... Gary’s voice I hear through the window?

“Gary, get back here,” my mom’s furious voice cuts through. “I’m not finished talking to you.”

I hear the loud slam of a car door. My mom’s is definitely back!

“I have to go,” James murmurs, setting me back down. “But I’m not done with you Ava.”

Our moment slips through my fingers like sand. I wish it could have lasted just a little longer. But I know what it would mean if we’re caught together like this, so I nod reluctantly and let go of his shoulders. James moves across the room in quick strides, pauses at the doorway for a moment, and leaves.


The last thing I want to do is leave Ava in the room all by herself, but I know it would be worse to stay. I shouldn’t have gone in there in the first place, but Ava sounded upset, and I thought maybe I could talk to her again like I used to, as a mentor or something. Not that that lasted long. I couldn’t keep my fucking hands to myself, like some hormonal teenager. I expect better out of myself but I was too weak. There’s something wrong with me. Even now, my cock’s straining against my jeans, desperate to rub right up against her pussy again. I could feel how hot she was, even with the layers between us.

And the way she looked up at me, holding onto me tightly, all sweet and innocent like. Stop it. James you lecher, I think savagely. Ava’s never even kissed before. I could tell, by how nervous she was, by the hesitant way she explored me with her hands. Untouched by any other man. Damnit. That only made me want her more, even though I know that makes things complicated as hell. I’m not going to get rid of my erection like this, and the last thing I need is for Sandra to come storming up here and see. With a cock like mine, it’s impossible not to notice.

I jog down the stairs and back to my room. I’m so impatient that I almost drop my key as I try and unlock the door. There’s only one thing to do. I feel guilt, but not enough to stop myself from lying on my bed and unzipping my pants. I can still smell her on me, the light floral smell that I’ve never been able to find anywhere but from Ava. Her breathy little moans echo in my ear, the way she said my name, aching with need. I want to have her soft body under mine, her hair fanning against the bedspread, her moans muffled against the sheets as I drive myself into her tight, little pussy. Lifting her up, angling her so I can get even deeper. Taking her for myself.

My hands work the whole length of my cock, squeezing tightly as I slide over the thick head. I’m getting even harder if that’s possible, now that I’ve finally got a taste.

“Ava,” I groan softly to myself.

I can still feel her silky hair through my fingers, and I imagine myself pulling on it just enough to tilt her head back, let my lips press against the side of her neck. Before I had to fill in the blanks, but now I’ve felt her for myself. I know the shape of her curves, I’ve memorized the touch of her skin. I love the way her breath hitches when I kiss her, the perfect way I fit between her legs.

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