The Billionaire Falls

By: Melody Anne

The ball was coming directly towards Emily

and she made a dive to save it before it landed on the water. She wasn’t looking where she was going and suddenly slammed into the rock hard chest of Mark. His arms automatically encircled her to keep her from falling. She looked up to thank him and their eyes locked onto each other.

She couldn’t pull away from him no matter how much her brain was telling her to laugh and thank him and then let go. He had the most mesmerizing blue eyes she had ever seen. She automatically started swaying towards him, forgetting anyone else was near.

He bent his head down and hungrily took her lips. At the same time he was devouring her mouth he pulled her tightly against him. His arms were wrapped around her bare waist and he pushed her against his now bulging erection. He’d never wanted a woman as badly as he wanted her.

Suddenly a splash came over the top of both their heads making Emily choke a little bit. Mark jerked back about to kill someone when he noticed all eyes in and around the pool were on him and Emily. He looked back at her face and saw the dawning horror in her eyes.

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Joseph Anderson sat back in his comfortable chair, enjoying the taste of his hundred year old scotch and the warmth from the softly crackling fire. He was full of great food and thinking back over the wonderful Thanksgiving he just finished with his family.

He loved when they all gathered together. He was happy to have so many new grandkids running around the house. His youngest granddaughter Emily had just turned a year old a week ago. There was so much to celebrate.

He just wished his youngest son Mark would find the right woman. Joseph’s breath rushed out in frustration. He’d found a few suitable matches for his boy but Mark was a sneaky one and had avoided both.

Joseph guessed Mark had figured him out. He wasn’t one to brag but he had been successful in finding love matches for both Lucas and Alex. Their wives were amazing women and even better, they’d brought him grandchildren to fill the old, empty hallways of his home that had seemed so barren for such a long time.

Well Mark underestimated him because he would surely find a bride who could lasso his son. He knew his kid was stubborn but Joseph himself was even more stubborn. He couldn’t rest until Mark was happily settled down.

Joseph suddenly heard a stampede coming down the hall. He smiled, knowing the sound of those shoes.

“Grandpa hurry up, grandma says it’s time for desert,” Jasmine, his oldest grandchild said, a little breathlessly. She must’ve run the whole way. There was nothing like dessert to motivate a child.

Joseph put his drink down and held his arms out for his beautiful granddaughter to jump into. “Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to keep you waiting to have some pie,” he said as he carried her from the room.

“I know,” Jasmine said, as if the matter was of the upmost importance.

“Let’s go find everyone and eat some pumpkin pie,” he said to Jasmine before tickling her tummy.

“Uncle Mark said you were probably up to no good,” Jasmine said in a whisper, acting like she was divulging a huge secret.

“Your Uncle Mark was right. I’m planning on him giving you some more cousins but let’s keep that between you and me.”

“I promise,” Jasmine said. She then held her hand up to pinky swear on the matter.

Joseph hugged her tightly before heading off towards the rest of his family. He was truly a blessed man.

Chapter One

Emily sat nervously in the small diner. She was trying really hard not to fidget with anything but her nerves were stretched beyond the breaking point. She was waiting for Joseph Anderson to meet her for an interview.

She’d spotted the Help Wanted ad in the paper a week ago and called right away. There must have been a lot of applications because she’d paced by the phone, praying he would call her and had already given up by the time it finally did.

He asked her to meet him at the small café in the tiny town not far from Seattle. She preferred the country life so much better than a big city, in which you could get lost in. She was down to her last few dollars and had to be out of her motel in two more days. She couldn’t blow the job interview.

It was for a live in housekeeper and cook. Room and board were included. If she got the position, maybe she could finally give her son some stability. She cringed as she thought about the past year and all her son had gone through.

Her husband had died in a horrific automobile accident. She’d already been planning on leaving him since he couldn’t remain faithful to her but the accident had really shaken her up. His parents had far too much money and they’d decided they would be more suited to raise her son than she was.