The Counterfeit Bride(10)

By: Liberty Blake

“Ah,” she said holding her hand out to him. “The groom is here. I wasn’t sure you would be, but it is a wonderful idea. It’s always best to oversee your own problems. I don’t imagine after this morning you would want to trust it to anyone else, especially a Dolmides.”

He watched the gentle sway of her hips as she walked over to the window and gazed at the street below. “I see Mommy and Daddy haven’t arrived. I hope they can get through all the paparazzi out there.”

“How did you get through them so easily?” Theron’s natural skepticism asserted itself. “Did you promise them an exclusive?”

She chuckled “I didn’t have to promise anyone, anythin’. They were lookin’ for the wild cowgirl from the church. They didn’t spare me a glance.”

“Do not bother to dissemble, pyrotechnia mikros, you are the only reason they are out there,” Theron growled.

The pink tip of the imposter’s tongue moved from the center of her top lip to the corner and stayed there for a moment, distracting Theron. “They may be outside because of the tizzy I caused this morning, but from all the stuff I Googled on you, I’d say they are here because you’re involved. That circus outside doesn’t care a fig about a li’l ole gal like me. They only care about the act in the center ring, and that would be you, cowboy.”

Theron forced his gaze back to her eyes and braced himself for their impact. “Do not argue with me, they are here for you.”

“You’re probably right,” Cassidy sighed, “but unfortunately for them, they don’t know what I look like. They were looking for a li’l ole country gal wearing boots and a cowgirl hat. They certainly didn’t expect this.” She did a ballerina spin causing the bottom of the skirt to flare over her luscious knees. A delightful portion of thigh peaked his interest. “How much longer before Mumsy and Daddy arrive?” Her voice drew his attention back to the conversation.

“Kelley and Costa will not be here.” He walked over to the door and held it open. He looked directly at the bemused spectator. “Mr. Ambassador.”

The Ambassador looked at Theron, cleared his throat, and gave a slight bow over the hand of the radiant young woman before he walked sedately through the door. He looked to the three people who had accompanied her and waited with the door open.

“You may close the door. My friends are staying.” Cassidy lifted her chin in response to his raised eyebrow. “They are my friends, my lawyer, and my bodyguards.”

Theron quietly closed the door.

Cassidy watched as the Greek God approached her. She retreated to the safety of her rock solid friends. She didn’t know the man, except for the tidbits she was able to glean from the internet; but even a blind ninny would know Theron Christofides was dangerous just from the energy he exuded.

Her parents weren’t coming. All her life she had tried to imagine meeting them and now she had, but there were no loving words, no warm hugs; just rejection and a refusal to face the truth. Cassidy carefully drew in a calming breath, straightened her slight shoulders, and firmed her chin, which showed a distressing tendency to wobble.

“Our business here is through.” She was proud her voice came out without the slightest hint of a tremor. If she could get out of there without falling flat on her face she would consider that a graceful exit. She didn’t trust the skinny heels on her stupid shoes to hold her. She really wished she had worn her boots. She tilted her head in order to look into his fathomless black eyes, and held her hand out. “Goodbye, Mr. Christofides.”

He raised a satanically slanted eyebrow at her. “Surely you do not mean to leave without negotiating a settlement.”

Cassidy raised her own perfectly shaped brow at him. “Why on earth would I need to negotiate a settlement? All I wanted to do was stop the wedding, and I was successful at that.”

The look on his face was priceless. He looked stunned. She waited for a snort to erupt from his classical nostrils, but apparently he was too elegant to snort like common folk. “If you do not plan to negotiate, then why are you here?”

She widened her eyes innocently. “I’m here as a courtesy.” Southern molasses warmed her voice, in an effort to melt the ice in his. “If a strange woman appeared out of nowhere claiming to be my daughter, while another strange woman stood at the altar also claiming to be the same daughter, I would want to know the truth.” She broke eye contact with him and twirled around. “I don’t see them here, so obviously they don’t really care who their daughter is. All you titans of industry really care about is having someone obedient to follow the script. I guess any actor, or should I say, any Cassiopeia, will do.”