The Counterfeit Bride(6)

By: Liberty Blake

“My name is Cassiopeia Amethyst Flynn.” She fluttered her violet eyes at him. “At a guess I would think the name Amethyst was because of my purple eyes. Julia’s are pale grey.”

“My bride’s eyes are also purple.” Theron said. This gorgeous woman had to be an imposter. If old man Dolmides had tried to foist a false bride on him, it meant Dolmides had made a fool of him. His pride told him to go, leave the church right now, and never look back, but the fire haired woman held him captive. Not to mention the merger he needed to complete.

“The violet eyes came to me through my maternal grandmother. Patsy was her niece by marriage. The eyes are not in her genes,” the little flirt batted her eyes at him.

“It’s obvious that woman is wearing contacts,” Patsy Jenkins shriek interrupted Theron’s bewitched stare into the purple depths.

“That’s true. I could be wearing contacts, but I don’t have to because I have perfect eyesight. However, friends of mine that do wear contacts have told me that they can only wear them for so long before they start to irritate. You know one guy told me that the lens got stuck on his, oh dear, what was it? Was it his cornea or his retina? I can never remember technical stuff like that. I tend to be a bit of a bird brain at times. Anyway, they had to perform emergency surgery to get it out. You could have Jules and I sit in a brightly lit room somewhere and wait it out. No bathroom breaks, no walking around alone, nothing.”

The bride in her white gown whimpered. Was she afraid someone would put her to the test?

“You mean you have no legal proof, other than purple eyes to support your claim?” Theron snapped. He wanted to touch this woman, but not at the cost of losing the deal. The deal was the most important thing in his life. Women come and go, but this merger was crucial.

“On the contrary, I have oodles and oodles of proof,” the little firecracker answered.

“Where is it?” Theron volleyed back.

“The originals are with my attorney. The copies are right here.” She snapped her fingers and one of the monoliths moved forward, withdrew papers from an inside pocket of his leather vest, and handed them to her. “Thanks, Moose.” She certainly had the imperiousness of a Dolmides.

Theron looked at an old passport, dated ten years previously. It was an original in the name of Cassiopeia. She had also handed him a copy of a birth certificate, baptismal record, and several other documents proclaiming the existence of Cassiopeia Flynn. “These all seem in order, Costa.”

“Those are forgeries. We’ve already shown you the originals!” Patsy Jenkins screeched. The sound went straight to a point in Theron’s brain and settled right between his eyes. He hoped his bride wasn’t too attached to her aunt; he didn’t want the woman staying in his home for any extended visits.

The young woman in front of him closed her eyes for a moment. “You still haven’t learned how to use your indoor voice, have you, Aunt Patsy?” she asked in a pained voice.

The more the little intruder referred to Kelley’s obnoxious relative as “Aunt”, the closer he came to believing her. If she were telling the truth it would be a disaster.

“Aunt Patsy, you may have provided documentation, but it is either a forgery or a duplicate. I took all the originals with me when I ran away ten years ago.” A smug look came over her gorgeous face. “There is still one more way of proving who I am, and it can neither be forged nor duplicated.”

“What would that be?” Costas growled.

“It’s running through my veins.” The firecracker folded her hands demurely in front of her and smiled the smile of a saint sighting heaven for the first time. “My DNA. Unless Kelley was messing around behind your back, it will prove I am your daughter.”

Theron felt the pull of air being inhaled around him. The woman had made an impression on the entire congregation.

“I’ve made arrangements to have the testing done at the U.S. Embassy. If you want the truth, be there at two this afternoon. There will be no wedding until this is settled.” She stood on her toes and kissed the priest on each cheek. “Adio, o papas. Goodbye, Father. Efharisto. Thank you.” Then she performed a perfect pivot and left the church through the sun flooded doors.

“I’ll be happy to take this little minx off your hands.” Theron flinched. His best friend Ajax stood at his side and wanted the little beauty for himself. Jax already had a secret wife hidden away somewhere. He didn’t need any more complications in his life and Theron wasn’t going to let anyone else have the little firecracker. He looked his best friend in the eye and uttered a rude comment about Jax’s parentage. Jax laughed it off.