The Counterfeit Bride(60)

By: Liberty Blake

“My new wife owns a bar and a ranch. I can always become a gigolo and allow her to support me,” Theron said with a half-smile.

“She does?” Ajax looked astounded.

“It appears my wife is quite the business woman. No matter what happens with my businesses, she and the child will never go hungry or be homeless.”

“That is quite disappointing. I had rather hoped she would turn to me.” Ajax said with his widest smile.

“Wipe that thought out of your damned lecherous mind. She is my wife. Perhaps it is time you found that wife of yours that you misplaced.”


Cassidy stared at her new husband. Stupefied. They stood in the middle of what was apparently Costas Dolmides library, home office, whatever the hell he called it. Kelley was sitting on an overstuffed couch firmly holding Julia’s hands while casting loving looks on her. Looks Cassidy had never received from the woman who was her mother. Good thing she had Lynda and now Rena. With a mother like Kelley, a girl could begin to doubt her worth.

“Cousin Julia, you really must give up these pretensions of yours. Kelley is my mom. She loves me, not you. She doesn’t know you. She doesn’t love you. She never did.” The real Julia gloated unmercifully.

“You should have waited, Christofides. We had a DNA test while you were gone and it is conclusive that the lovely creature seated with Kelley is my daughter.” Costas gloated from his desk.

Despite biting her lip, Cassidy could not hold her tongue. “Well, old man, if that is true, then you were doing the nasty with Aunt Patsy at the same time you were playing hide the sausage with Kelley. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“You dare to bring your cheap agapetikia into my house. You have been played for a fool, Christofides. As I have said from the beginning that girl is nothing but an imposter. Get rid of her and we can still work a deal.” The look of disdain on Costas’ face made Cassidy want to smash it away with a palm heel to the nose. If he said one more disparaging word to Theron she would, too.

“Unlike she who gave birth to me, I am no man’s mistress, cheap or otherwise. Never have been, never will be. If anyone is being played for a fool it’s you,” Cassidy spoke out.

Theron cast a cold look on Cassidy before he shuddered his eyes, her knees almost gave out on her,. “Cassidy, my driver will take you back to my house. Wait for me there. We will settle this matter between us later.”

She looked her husband straight in the eye, but he wouldn’t meet hers. She saw anger in his face. He doesn’t believe me. She realized with a sinking heart. After their fabulous night together, he didn’t believe her. He didn’t trust her. He would never love her.

She’d leave all right, but she had a few things to say to Costas and Kelley first. Once again she found herself grateful to her Grammie. In spite of Cassidy’s constant pleading, Grammie made Cassidy go to her Greek lessons every Tuesday and Thursday after school. For the first time in the hearing of those gathered there, she spoke in flawless Greek. “Kelley, you have been very generous with my house, allowing these freeloaders to live there all these years. They are not welcome on my property, so they are now in your lap. Daddy, dear, you have attracted the scum to you, but you haven’t noticed it is scum because you are one yourself. May you all have much joy in each other.”

Her long copper curls bounced on her derriere as she turned on her heel and headed out the door without giving her husband another glance.

Cassidy fumed as the housekeeper let her into the house. He hadn’t even given her a damn key!

She ran upstairs to grab the travel documents she would need for her and Zio. She should have realized that last night was an omen of things to come. They had drawn each other’s blood. Today he had cut out her heart. Not one word of rebuttal did he utter. Not one word of defense of his bride.

She grabbed her big shoulder bag, stuffed a couple of pairs of underwear and tee-shirts and shorts in it. Then she ran down the hall to what was to have been Enzio’s room. She loaded diapers, wipes, and several changes of clothing into the bag. She rechecked it for her travel documents, then ran out for the taxi she had ordered from the back of Theron’s car. If she could get Zio without raising Rena’s suspicions, they could be on a plane and on their way out of the country before Theron finished making his plans with Costas to get rid of her. He had been ready to marry Julia before, now he could get an annulment from her and marry Julia instead.

The seat belt sign flashed on as Cassidy rubbed the tears away from her eyes. The plane taxied to a halt in Barcelona. Fortunately the flight was on time, so she would have to run to make the connection to Hong Kong, then from there she was headed for Sydney. She had Kelley cousins in the Outback. She would stay with them for a few weeks. When Lynda gave her the heads up, she would fly home to Texas.