The Counterfeit Bride(61)

By: Liberty Blake

Theron had already proven himself untrustworthy. But she hoped he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize Zio. Maybe she would be better off staying on with her cousins longer than a few weeks. They bred horses. She was good with horses.

Damn. After all these years of keeping her mouth shut and her secrets to herself, why? Why did she tell him everything? Did she sign her own death certificate? Would she be responsible for Enzio’s death? Maybe she should leave Zio with her cousins. He’d be safer in Australia than he would be in Texas.


“Dolmides, you are never to say anything about my wife again. You are a cruel and vicious man to turn on your own daughter like that,” Theron fumed.

“You are quite mistaken, Christofides, my daughter is still here in this room.”

“If you are talking about Athena, the daughter born of your wife, you are correct. But that woman,” Theron pointed to Julia, “is Julia Jenkins. The daughter of Patsy and Joe Jenkins. My people have run a complete investigation and have proven to a court of law in the United States that the woman known as Cassidy Flynn is indeed your natural daughter.”

“No!” Kelley Flynn had dropped Julia’s hand and stood between Theron and Costas. “That can’t be true. Costas, you assured me you had done a thorough search and that she is our daughter.” Kelley pointed to Julia.

“Kelley, be quiet and sit down.” She sat. “Athena and Nicholas, leave. This conversation does not involve you.”

“No, Father, if it involves our secret relative, and our company, it involves us,” Athena said, standing her ground.

“We had a contract that stated if I married Cassiopeia Dolmides, you would turn over her shares and your proxy. I have done so and now I expect you to honor your end of the bargain,” Theron stated.

“You have no proof that this Cassidy Flynn is Cassiopeia,” Dolmides insisted.

“My proof has been shown to the judge who set the injunction in motion. He has declared my wife as your true daughter.”

“That’s good enough for me,” Nicholas said. “You have my vote, Christofides.”

“Nicholas!” Costas roared.

“You also have mine, Theron. I am sick of watching our name being dragged through the mud and our company’s reputation being destroyed,” Athena said. “Father, give him what he needs for Evadne.”

Athena gave Julia and Kelley a disparaging look as she walked over to Theron. “Welcome to the family, brother. Please bring my new sister around to meet me and my children as soon as it is convenient for you.” She then air kissed his cheeks and left the room.

Nicholas walked up to Theron and shook his hand. “I’m not kissing you. I don’t care what our new relationship is. If you will allow me, I would like to work with you to save the company.” Then he turned and followed his sister out of the room.

Kelley still sat stunned. Julia tried holding her hand, but Kelley was unresponsive.

“You and that woman have turned my family against me,” Costas raged at Theron.

“You planned to cheat me by foisting an imposter onto me. Were you later going to expose her as a fake and cheat me out of our deal?”

Costas paled and fell into his desk chair.

Julia had thrown herself into Theron’s arms and sobbed, “I love you. And I know you love me too. Please, please don’t send me away. We can still be together. I-I’ll wait until you can divorce Cassie. You can’t love Cassie. Nobody does. Nobody ever has. It will be just you and I. We can be together, always.”

Theron allowed the distaste he felt to show as he pulled her arms off of him. “You are quite wrong, Ms. Jenkins. Cassidy’s grandmother loved her. Maria Vega and Enrico Vega loved her. My mother loves her already. Cassidy has never been unloved.”

Julia’s tears continued to flow. Theron looked her straight in the face. Why did this woman cry black streaks? When his Cassidy cried she looked beautiful, and she wore mascara. He watched in fascination as the mascara ran from her eyes, over her cheeks, and rolled off her jaw, ruining the white silk dress she wore. She clutched desperately at his hands “But you don’t love her. You love me.”

“No, woman, you are wrong. I have loved Cassidy since the moment I set eyes on her in the Metropolis. Since I first heard her voice, her laugh. When I saw her wrap the priest around her little finger with a few smiles and friendly words.”

“No, you can’t love her. You love me!” she shrieked.

“Woman, show some dignity. You were nothing more to me than a distasteful part of a business deal I needed to complete. Now go before I change my mind about turning you into the police. He shrugged her off, then straightened out his cuffs. He nodded his head towards Luca to remove the Jenkins.