The Counterfeit Bride(67)

By: Liberty Blake

Her pansy eyes opened wider when he placed her on the bed. “What are you doing?”

“You are shaking. You must rest.”

Sadly, Cassidy admitted to herself, she did need to rest, but not until they settled a few things. “I have to put Zio in his own bed and get out of these wet things.” She threw her legs over the edge of the bed and used a hand to leverage herself into a sitting position. “Gross. There’s mud all over my quilt from my boots.”

Theron reached out his hands. “Give him to me. I’ll put him into bed while you get into something dry and warm yourself up.”

Cassidy wanted to keep Zio as a shield, but she couldn’t deny the fact that she was freezing. The pouring rain mixed with sleet had soaked through the seams and shoulders of her jacket, ran down her collar, and managed to cut through her layers of clothing to soak her to the skin.

Just as she made the decision to hand Zio over, Theron dropped to his knees. “Hold the baby a minute longer. Let me get these wet boots off of you.”

She squeezed her eyes tightly shut in order to contain the tears which flooded her eyes. She was so sick of being a watering pot.

He was being so tender. Why couldn’t he love her like she loved him?

She waited until Theron had entered Enzio’s room before she stood up and closed her door. She dropped her voluminous duffle coat on the floor and headed for the bathroom, dropping wet clothes as she walked. A hot bath was what she needed after the trip from hell. Zio was well cared for. Now she had to take care of the two little ones she still carried. The trip was just as hard on them, if not harder, than it was on her.

Bubbles. She needed lots and lots of sweet smelling bubbles. Bubbles to cover her from chin to toe. Bubbles to chase away the bad smell of old body odor and frenzied people. As the steam started to rise from the claw foot tub, she opened the bottle of aroma-therapy bubble bath and poured more than half into the tub. Bubbles were good. They could make you forget the worst parts of life, at least while you covered your face with bubble mustaches and white a long goatee.

Before she lowered her body into the frothing tub, she ran her hands over the red welts that crisscrossed her belly from the seat belt. She needed to see a doctor and have him confirm the babies were fine, but she knew realistically she couldn’t trust the roads again until a sander went by or the thaw came. It would be all right. The babies were fine. She was sure of it. As she sank into the relaxing water, they started rolling and tumbling. They were already auditioning for Riverdance. She had seen all the ultra-sounds. She had seen both babies. She knew there were only two of them, but suddenly it felt like a dozen pairs of tap shoes were dancing on her bladder. Great she had just gotten into the tub and now it would take her five minutes to leverage her bulky self out of it again.

She had just risen on her knees when the door opened and Theron walked in. Her bubble laden hands slipped on the tub rim and she floundered a bit in the water as she tried to maintain her precarious balance. A cool breezed brushed against her already burgeoning nipples. Neither she nor Theron drew a breath, nor did they make a sound. She could hear the bubbles coating her breasts popping and she felt exposed. Even the lavender scent was not able to soothe the agitation building inside her.

It was difficult, but Theron finally managed to swallow past the mountainous lump in his throat. Theos She was more beautiful than ever. The shine of her make-up-free face made him want to lick her from her forehead down to her toes.

The light glistened on patches of her porcelain skin peeked through the bubbles on her wet breasts. Although they were very effectively camouflaged, he thought they looked much larger than he remembered. A flurry of little pops drew his eyes to a newly revealed nipple.

Yes, there was something different about her. She was not the same little dynamo she had been the last time he had seen her. She was rounder, softer, more opulent.

Suppressing a groan, his feet ate up the space between him and the object of every erotic dream he had had since the day she walked into the Metroplolis and stopped his wedding to the woman he never wanted.

Placing his hands under her arms he pulled her to her feet and began devouring her lips. Her wet sudsy body pressed into his. Something had changed. She still melted in his arms, but she felt like she was holding herself away from him.

Something rippled against his stomach, causing him to draw in a breath. Was this some form of muscle control? Perhaps a yoga move designed to increase a man’s level of stimulation? What had she been doing while they were separated?

The pressure changed and her abdomen rolled from top to bottom. There one second and gone the next. Then the action repeated itself. Before Theron could wrap his mind around this strange sensation, something hard hit him square in the stomach. He pulled away. Her glorious purple eyes fluttered open.