The Counterfeit Bride(69)

By: Liberty Blake

Her fingers stopped the fluttery motions they were making on his back and slid around to stroke his erection and cup his sac. His hips started moving without any directions from his brain. “Come on, big boy, let’s make love,” she purred in his ear right before her pearly white teeth nipped his lobe.

He knew then that his life would be forever entwined with his fiery lady, and he would not change that for the world.


Theron and his four year old son Enzio were doing laps in the pool while Xander and Zoe, his two-year-old twins, napped with their mommy. Theron smiled. Today was Zio’s birthday and the Grandmothers were coming with gifts and good cheer.

Yesterday when he got home from the office he could see that Cassidy was bursting at the seams with a secret, but she would not tell him anything. She wanted to come here, to the island he had bought for her. The Meteora, his mountain retreat, was long gone. It was now Ajax’s eyrie.

Theron knew what Cassidy’s surprise was. He knew her body and its rhythms as well as he knew his own. Actually, he knew hers better.

He waited for her to tell him the news in her own way. Then he would gift her with the new pair of horses he had bought for the Pegasus Ranch in Texas. Under Lynda and Mountain Man’s supervision, the ranch was thriving.

On the twins’ first birthday Theron had helped Cassidy open Pegasus Two in Greece. Special needs children from as far away as England and Sweden came to enjoy the special activities and develop relationships with the magical horses Cassidy raised.

When he had been a young boy walking his mitera home from the taverna, he had never dreamed life could be so satisfying. It just took a pyrotechnia mikros to bring the sunshine and joy into his life

Cassidy gave a contented stretch. She and Theron had just made glorious love and he was happy to find out they were having another baby. Although he did joke and say he hoped they would only have one this time. At least she hoped he was joking.

Theron had found Tia Maria, Rico’s mother. She wasn’t dead after all. The Jenkinses had fired her after Cassidy had left and Maria had disappeared into another household. Tia Maria loved Greece and loved all her grandchildren; Xander, Zoe, and Zio were equal in her eyes, just as they were in Rena’s. Maria’s house was a few blocks away from Rena’s and they had become great friends.

Lynda was currently staying with Rena for a week’s working vacation. The three grandmothers were a tight group.

Kelley was also there. Cassidy could not call her ‘Mother’, but Kelley was trying very hard to make up for the past, and she obviously loved her grandchildren, so Cassidy was giving her a chance.

All the grandmothers were on the island for Zio’s fourth birthday. Theron had insisted that they spend the night and Cassidy had the feeling he did so because he had already guessed about the pregnancy. Her suspicions were confirmed after she had told him, when right before he fell asleep, he suggested they tell the yia yias the good news at breakfast.

Cassidy had a solid relationship with Theron. He told her often that he loved her and proved it to her on a daily basis. Their love was deep and strong. With that kind of love she had to share it with others, which made the four grandmothers very happy.