This Isn't You, Baby(6)

By: K Webster

When his fingers pinch my nipple through my dress, I cry, “What has gotten into you?” He never acts like this. “Oscar, we can’t do this. I’m seeing someo—”

He silences me with another kiss. My heart races in my chest as I try to wriggle free of his expert touch that starts to roam south. Turning my head to the side, I let out a groan. “Please stop.” I push at his massive shoulders, but he’s immovable. He suckles at my neck as he manages to shove my dress high up my thighs. This is going too far. “Oscar, no. I don’t…” I trail off. “…want this.”

His hot breath causes me to shiver. Balling my fist, I prepare to punch him in his ribs until he gets off of me. But it’s too late. I lock onto a pair of familiar green eyes that glimmer with betrayal in the doorway.



“Vienna!” I call out over Oscar’s shoulder. “You idiot! Look what you did!” I slap at his head but he just gives me a wicked grin.

“What?” he says in a smug tone. “You liked it.”

I shudder in disgust. “Get out! You’re an asshole!”

I go to kick him but he jumps off the bed out of the way.

His brows furrow in frustration. “You love me and when we get married I’ll—”

“You’ll do what, little brother?” a deep voice says from behind him. “Last I checked, you weren’t in the running for this little contest.”

Normally, I hate Duvan but today I’m thankful for his presence. Oscar just crossed a major line.

“Fuck off, D. You know she and I are better suited for each other,” Oscar grumbles and adjusts his erection in his slacks. “She doesn’t even like you or Esteban.”

Duvan steps from behind Oscar. My eyes meet his almost black, rage-filled glare and I suppress a shudder. His gaze falls to between my legs where my dress is still lifted. I squeeze my thighs shut to hide from him. When his darkened gaze meets mine, he stalks over to me. The hunger in his eyes scares me.

“Out, brother,” Duvan bites out, his tone a no-nonsense growl.

Remorse washes over my friend’s face. His eyebrows are pinched together and his eyes flicker with regret. For him to maul me like he did is way out of character. We’ve always been friends and nothing more. “I’m sorry, Brie. I just wanted us to—”

“NOW!” Duvan roars.

I flinch at his barked order. “Please check on Vee,” I beg. Oscar gives me a single nod before turning and slamming the door behind him.

Now that we’re alone, Duvan’s hardened stare softens. He quirks up one side of his mouth in a knowing smirk. “You look hot as fuck when you’re aroused, tigress.”

“I wasn’t aroused,” I argue with a glare of my own.

He chuckles, and I have the urge to slap him upside the head too. “Little Ozzy turns you on. And just think, I’m bigger and better than him in every way. When we’re married, I’ll show you just how much bigger of a man I truly am.”

I narrow my eyes at him as I climb off the bed. He doesn’t stop staring at me as I quickly smooth my dress down over my thighs and cross my arms over my still hard nipples. Thanks a lot for that, Ozzy. As if he can read my mind, he smirks.

“You can’t hide from me. I’ll be seeing what’s under that dress and be inside of you by the end of the week, tigress. And that’s a motherfucking promise.”

“Have you heard from him?” I ask as I pace my room at home. I can hear Mom banging pans around. She’s been in a pissy mood ever since Dad left for a meeting in Chicago. But apparently, women shouldn’t fly this late in their pregnancy, according to Dad. Mom’s about to pop with a baby boy any day now. My parents call the kid an “oops” baby. Calder and I call him a “pull out method gone bad” baby...but never to their faces.

Dad grunts on the other line. “Not in weeks. Last I knew, they were in Destin, Florida. They’ve travelled all along the Gulf Coast ever since he took her from the mental health facility. She called to tell me she loved me. I don’t know if she’s just happy or what but she sounded really good, Ren.”

Rolling my eyes, I sit down on my bed and run my fingers through my hair. I just came back home yesterday for summer break from college and I’m already dying to see Brie. If Mom wasn’t being so emotional, I’d have left her already to go see my girlfriend.

Is she really your girlfriend?

Annoyance flits through me. We haven’t made it official, but I’m not fucking anyone else or even talking to anyone for that matter. The only girl I ever talk to is Brie. She’s hot and has a body that drives men wild but it’s her sweet soul that has me wrapped around her little finger.