This Isn't You, Baby(71)

By: K Webster

I’m especially thankful for my Krazy for K reader group. You ladies are wonderful with your support and friendship. Each and every single one of you is amazingly supportive and caring. #Cucumbers4Life

I am totally thankful for my author group, the COPA gals, for being there when I need to take a load off and whine. Y’all rock!

Vanessa Bridges, you’re an angel! Without you, I’d be lost! And, Jessica Descent, you rock for being there to make sure my story is awesome and giving it a second set of eyes. Love you ladies! Also, a big thank you to Bex LovesBooks and Vanessa Renee Place for proofreading my story…I can’t thank you enough for dropping your schedule to help me out!

Thank you Stacey Blake for being amazing as usual. You make my books gorgeous and I am so thankful to have you on my team. Love you!

A big thanks to my PR gal, Nicole Blanchard. You are fabulous at what you do and keep me on track! And also thank you to The Hype PR gals for sharing the love!

Lastly but certainly not least of all, thank you to all of the wonderful readers out there that are willing to hear my story and enjoy my characters like I do. It means the world to me!