The Sicilian's Marriage Arrangement(58)

By: Lucy Monroe

The concept of him terrified seemed unbelievable, but the aftereffects lingered in his expression. “That was before you knew I wasn’t part of the blackmail plan.” Understanding washed over her in a wave and with it came unstoppable love and belief in his love. “You wanted to make our marriage work believing I had colluded with my grandfather to force you into it.”

That fact had gotten lost in her pain and confusion, but no Sicilian male as strong as Luciano would have come to that point without being very much in love.

“I could not lose you.” His hold tightened. “You are the other half of myself. Without you, I am not a man.”

“I love you, Luciano.”

His eyes closed and he breathed deeply as if savoring the words. “Say it again.”

“Ti amo,” she said it in Italian.

His eyes opened, burning into hers with purpose. “Always.”


“And I will love you forever. I am going to make you feel like the most loved woman that ever walked the face of the earth.”

As goals went, it was a big one, but he could do it. All he had to do was keep looking at her like he was doing right now.

And she would love him like no other woman could.

Luciano looked into his wife’s soft pansy gaze, his precious Hope. Her love was worth more than his pride, more than his company, more than anything else in the world to him and he would never let her forget it.