His Expectant Ex(45)

By: Catherine Mann

He thumbed her cheeks dry. Then slid the engagement diamond onto her finger where it settled with a perfect rightness, waiting for the band to be placed beside on their wedding day.

Sebastian closed his hand around hers in a grip as strong and steady as the man. “Just so we’re clear. We’re not getting married because you were pregnant, although I certainly wouldn’t complain if you got pregnant again someday.”

Marianna thought of the new photo on their mantel, a picture of Sophie that her birth mother had sent through their case worker. There wouldn’t be any contact, and at this point Marianna feared confusing her anyway. She would always ache to hold her, would miss her every day, but she’d found a peace in seeing the happiness in Sophie’s eyes—the eyes of a little girl well-loved.

She had to ask, “And if we never have another child?”

He was an amazing father, so patient in walking the floor at midnight with Edward cradled in his strong arms.

Sebastian brushed a windswept lock of her hair behind her ear with the flower. “I’m okay with that, too. I want you in my life.”

“What a wonderful coincidence.” The bloom’s sweet scent mingled with the ocean breeze carrying the voices of the happy guests. “That’s exactly where I want to be.”

He hooked an arm around her shoulders, slipping a teasing finger just under the strap of her dress. “How about we retrieve our son from his grandmother and head home to Buddy and Holly?”

“We do have a lot to celebrate.” She slid her hand under his suit jacket, his hard, lean body tempting her to explore him without the barrier of clothing. A pleasure she knew she would enjoy for the rest of their lives together. “In fact, I was thinking an intimate celebration is definitely in order.”

His eyes glinted with the promise of deep and leisurely kisses to come once they were completely alone. “So who gets to feed whom naked this time?”

“That all depends on who gets their clothes off first.”