Hot Westmoreland Nights(64)

By: Brenda Jackson

Now it was Ramsey’s turn to smile. He answered honestly, “No.”

Chloe wrapped her arms around Ramsey’s neck. “Um, I didn’t think so.”

When Ramsey bent his head to hers, she was ready and knew that this was just the beginning.


No one had asked why Ramsey and Chloe wanted a rather quick wedding. They were just happy to see Ramsey finally tying the knot. It was a beautiful day in May and all the Westmorelands came.

Chloe was overwhelmed at the huge family she’d married into. And there were several celebrities—national motorcycle superstar Thorn Westmoreland, well-known author Stone Westmoreland (a.k.a. Rock Mason), and Princess Delaney Westmoreland Yasir, wife of Sheikh Jamal Ari Yasir. Everyone welcomed her into the family with open arms. She couldn’t help but smile, thinking it was a small world in that her father had already met the young, up-and-coming Senator Reginald Westmoreland at a fundraiser for a Georgia congressman last year. And Chloe was practically beaming in delight that Ramsey had also told her a few weeks ago that he would pose for the cover of her magazine.

Deciding they didn’t want a huge wedding, Chloe had worn a beautiful tailored white pantsuit and with Ramsey by her side they walked around Shady Tree Ranch, where the beautiful outdoor wedding had taken place, greeting their guests. She got a chance to talk to one of Ramsey’s elderly relatives, James Westmoreland. He was the one responsible for bringing the Atlanta and Denver Westmorelands together.

Chloe enjoyed talking to James and after talking with him she knew most of the story about Raphael and the mystery about the man’s life that was yet to be solved.

A short while later, Ramsey took Chloe’s hand in his and led her away from their guests. Even his men had come to the wedding and had brought their wives. She thought they looked good in their Sunday best.

“So, we don’t know if those women were wives of Raphael or not.” She noticed Ramsey was leading her farther and farther away from their guests.

Ramsey threw his head back and laughed. “I can only vouch for one of them and that’s my great-grandmother Gemma. I know they got married because we have a copy of their marriage certificate. The others…we shall see.”

“Is there anyone else besides Dillon even interested in finding out?”

“Yes, Megan. But she plans to do things differently. Unlike Dillon, she doesn’t want to do the research herself but plans to hire a private detective to solve the mystery for her.”

Ramsey stopped walking and turned to her. “I didn’t bring you out here to talk about Raphael.”

Chloe glanced around and saw they were a distance from the house. “And why did you bring me out here?”

He pulled her into his arms. “To say in private what I said in front of everyone today. I love you, sweetheart, and for the rest of my life I promise to show you just how much, and I will love and honor you always.”

Tears sprang into Chloe’s eyes. “And I love you.”

The moment Ramsey had pulled her into his arms, Chloe knew that their lives would be filled with love, passion and plenty of hot Westmoreland nights.