Marriage and Miracles

By: Miranda Lee

Book 6 - Hearts of Fire

Lust-was that all their marriage meant? Gemma's relationship with Nathan was in tatters, but her love for him remained intact-she was going to win him back! However, Nathan refused to accept that the bond between them was anything but sexual attraction, and Gemma knew that his terrible past had turned his heart to stone. She was asking for a miracle, but it was possible-wasn't it?-that one could still happen now that she suspected that she was carrying Nathan's precious child....


GEMMA SMITH WHITMORE: when the man whom she had believed was her father dies, Gemma discovers a priceless black opal, the Heart of Fire, and a photograph which casts doubt on her real identity. In search of her mother, Gemma sets off for Sydney, meeting Nathan Whitmore. Nathan, charmed by Gemma's vulnerability, seduces then marries her. Happily, Gemma unearths the secret of the Heart of Fire, and who her real parents were. But now her marriage to Nathan is in tatters, because it seems he's unable to love...

NATHAN WHITMORE: adopted son of Byron Whitmore. After a desperately troubled childhood, Nathan has become ruthless and emotionally controlled. Can he rediscover his heart and save his marriage?

CELESTE CAMPBELL: head of the Campbell Jewels empire, Celeste had been regarded as a beautiful predator, not to be toyed with in business or love. But this exterior hid a broken heart, until she found her real love, Byron Whitmore, and her long-lost daughter.

BYRON WHITMORE: patriarch of the Whitmore family, his unhappy, loveless marriage to Irene came to a tragic end. But now he has found Celeste again, and their daughter.

DAMIAN CAMPBELL: younger brother of Celeste, Damian is interested only in self-gratification and sexual pleasure. He doesn't care who he hurts in their pursuit—even himself...

LENORE LANGTRY: ex-wife of Nathan and mother to Kirsty, Lenore has found love in the arms of top Sydney lawyer, Zachary Marsden.


After her father's death, Gemma leaves the outback for Sydney to find out the truth about her mother, and to sell her priceless discovery, a flawless black opal. On her journey, she meets Nathan Whitmore, the acting head of Whitmore Opals, who offers her a reward for the black opal, which was stolen from his adoptive father twenty years before. Highly attracted by Gemma's vulnerability, Nathan sets out to seduce and then marry her. Gemma's life is turned upside down.

Though marriage to Nathan, who remains enigmatic about his feelings and his past, is difficult, Gemma knows she loves him. If only she could find the same kind of contentment as other members of the Whitmore household: she's witnessed Jade, Nathan's adoptive sister, fall in love with Kyle Gainsford, while Melanie, the family housekeeper, has let go of terrible memories and married Royce Grantham. And look what happened to Ava, Byron's sister, and gorgeous Australian-Italian businessman, Vince Morelli!

Gemma finds her real mother and father right on her own doorstep: it's hard for her to accept that she's the result of a never-dying love between Celeste Campbell and Byron Whitmore! However, Gemma's marriage to Nathan is falling apart. Perhaps the gossips are right—Nathan doesn't have a heart? But miracles have already happened for Gemma and those around her—is it too much to ask for just one more?


THE premiere of a new play by Nathan Whitmore had beco me quite an event in Sydney over the past few years. It was nothing to see the Prime Minister of Australia as well as other heads of state roll up with their wives, not to mention a good supply of the sort of socialites and celebrities who graced the pages of the tabloids and women's magazines every other week.

Gemma surveyed the famous faces in the crowd gathered in the foyer with a sincere lack of interest or awe. Fame as such did not impress her. Why should it? There was a time—not very long ago—when she would not have recognised a single famous face here tonight, and her life had not been any the less for it.

'Smile, Mrs Whitmore,' one of the plethora of photographers directed her way. 'And you too, Ms Campbell.'

'Smile, Gemma,' Celeste hissed under her breath. 'This was your idea, remember? I did warn you not to come, but now that you're here, you must grin and bear it.'

Both women smiled and Gemma wondered what the photographer would say if he knew he was not just taking a photograph of Ms Celeste Campbell and Mrs Nathan Whitmore, but mother and daughter.

There was no doubt that the news would set Sydney's social set on its ear, especially if it were also publicly revealed that Gemma's father-in-law, Byron Whitmore, was Gemma's biological father as well.

The long-standing feud between the glamorous lady boss of Campbell Jewels and the handsome head of Whitmore Opals had fuelled many a discussion over the years. An affair gone sour had been whispered at occasionally, but no one could have guessed at the extraordinary set of circumstances which had brought about Gemma's birth, her subsequent stealing as a baby by a man who thought he was her father, but who wasn't, and her final return into the lives of her real parents twenty years later.