Midnight Fantasies(5)

By: Vicki Lewis Thompson

She’d begun to tremble with anticipation. He was going to kiss her. She would finally find out what it was like to kiss Jonas. But if she expected to keep him mystified, she had to treat this moment the way a sophisticated woman would. In other words, she had to act, instead of being acted upon.

“We seem to have some time on our hands.” She tried to think what Keely would do under these circumstances. Summoning all her courage, she reached over and began toying with a button on his shirt. “Maybe we should make use of it to…get to know each other.” She unfastened the button.

He drew in a breath. “I couldn’t have said it better.”

The more she dared, the bolder she became. She undid the next button, and the next, while his breath quickened. She was exciting him, exciting this man who’d made love to more women than she cared to think about. “Your shirt’s wet. That can’t be very comfortable.” Using both hands, she pulled it from the waistband of his jeans. “Let’s take it off.”

“What an incredible woman you are.”

“Ah, but you’re quite incredible, yourself.” She pushed the shirt off his shoulders, lingering over the process, caressing him. “Such muscles. I would love to sculpt you.”

“Anytime.” His voice quivered slightly.

That quiver brought a dizzying rush of power. So this was what it felt like to have a man totally under her spell. What a delicious experience.

She leaned forward slowly, breathing in his scent. Although she recognized it as belonging to Jonas, she’d never experienced the underlying note of arousal that spiced his skin now. She moistened her lips and pressed them against the curve of his shoulder.

His skin was cool from the dampness of his shirt, but it warmed quickly under her mouth. He tasted forbidden. Forbidden and sweet. Heart pounding, she ran her tongue along his collarbone and nuzzled his throat.

“Oh, Sarah.” He combed trembling fingers through her hair. “Sarah, you’re driving me crazy.”

“I intend to.” She outlined his jaw with teasing, nibbling kisses. “Just relax and let it happen.”

“Oh, Lord.” He began to shake.

She’d made him want her so much he was shaking. She couldn’t get over it. She’d never seduced a man before. Who knew it was so simple? Only one little problem. She was shaking, too.

To steady herself, she cupped the back of his head with both hands. “I want you to kiss me, now,” she murmured, lifting her mouth to his. “Kiss me, Jonas.”

With a soft groan he settled his lips over hers. With that first meeting, mouth-to-mouth, tongue-to-tongue, she forgot to play the role of the experienced woman of the world. She whimpered with delight.

Apparently that only inflamed him more, because he groaned again and took the kiss even deeper.

She’d never been kissed like this—full-out, no holds barred—and she wallowed in it. Slackening her jaw, she gave him all the access he wanted. They kissed, shifted angles and kissed again, came up for air and went back to kissing again.

They were both gasping when Jonas finally drew back a fraction. “Your clothes…are wet…too,” he said as he struggled for breath.

She gulped for air. “Yes.”

“Sarah…let me…touch you.”


EVER SINCE HE’D LOST HIS virginity at fifteen, Jonas had dedicated a good part of his time to loving women, and he’d had some amazing experiences. But nothing like this. He’d never come across a free-spirited temptress by accident and found her ready and willing to play.

And Sarah was more than willing. Sarah. He didn’t even know her last name, and he probably wouldn’t recognize her if he passed her on the street. That made this escapade even more exciting. He’d never made love to a complete stranger before.

And yet, she didn’t feel like a stranger. Something about her seemed familiar and right. That made no sense, because he was positive he’d never known anybody named Sarah. He’d been involved with a lot of women, but he could recite each of their names and phone numbers. Still. If he closed his eyes, he could also remember the shape of their breasts and the color of the soft curls between their thighs.

He’d given some thought to marriage over the years, but he required two qualities in a wife—a good heart and a wild imagination. So far he’d never found both in the same woman. He already knew Sarah possessed one of them.

Her breath tickled his mouth. “Take off whatever you like,” she said in a voice richer than fine whiskey.

He wanted to shout everything, but this was a classy woman. She probably expected finesse and a gradual undressing. So he’d oblige her. “Let’s start with this.” Slowly he drew the hem of her T-shirt out of her jeans.