Midnight Fantasies(8)

By: Vicki Lewis Thompson

“What do you think?”

Then he remembered cradling her face in his hands, kissing her breasts and belly. His mouth and hands had recorded nothing but gorgeous. “I think you’re beautiful. As perfect as one of your nude sculptures.”

“I’ve been blessed with the basics,” she said.

“Then why not let me look at you next time?”

“Think about it, Jonas. Didn’t you find that making love to a woman you’d never seen before was a wild experience?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I did.”

“Then let’s explore that idea some more.”

“Couldn’t we just leave the lights off?”

“We could, but then I wouldn’t be able to treat you to some special effects.”

His voice grew husky with anticipation. “Special effects? Like what?”

“That will be my secret. Here’s the absolute truth of it, Jonas. I’ve never been totally in charge of a lovemaking session with a man. After what happened between us this afternoon, I’ve discovered I really like it.”

“I kind of liked it, myself.” Understatement of the year. “I’ve never let a woman be in charge, either.” But he’d dreamed about it, he now realized. Not many women were willing to take the initiative, and he hadn’t found any who seemed willing to direct the whole scenario.

“Then this is uncharted territory for both of us, a true adventure.”

“How do I know you’re not crazy as a bedbug?”

“Well, I guess you don’t have any way of knowing that.” She reached out and stroked his bare chest. “But I’m not crazy. I only want to have a little fun. Discreet fun. What do you say?”

Wild horses wouldn’t keep him away from her door tomorrow night. “I might drop by.”

“You have to promise to put on the blindfold. If you don’t, then it’s over.”


“Tie it good and tight. No peeking. I’ll get to be in charge, and I suspect that not being able to see will make the experience that much more thrilling for you.”

He could imagine it would, so long as she wasn’t certifiable. And even then, he was inclined to take his chances. “I’ll tie it tight.”

“Good. And now I have a suggestion, to help you relax.”

“Which is?”

She pulled on her boots. “I suggest you take matters into your own hands.”

“Aw, Sarah—”

“I’d help, but I really am late. Of course, if you want to build your anticipation for tomorrow night, you could forget my suggestion and go grab a beer at the Roundup Saloon instead. I’ll bet denying yourself satisfaction will give you a really awesome orgasm when you finally get to that point.”

His chest was tight with desire, his vocal cords barely working. “And will I get to that point?”

“Oh, yes.” She trailed a finger down his chest. “I promise. See you tomorrow. Or rather, I’ll see you, but you won’t see me.” She started out of the cave and turned back. “I’d go for the beer if I were you.”

“Wait. Are you walking all the way home?”

“I’m not going home. After that rain, a little pool I know about will be full enough for me to go skinny-dipping.”

“Oh.” There was no end to this woman’s sensuality. He wanted to go with her, but he knew without asking that she wouldn’t allow it. And she was making the rules. He could play by them and have the sexual adventure of his life, or he could break them and possibly lose her completely.

“Until tomorrow night, then. Goodbye, Jonas.” She slipped out of the cave and walked away.

After she left he considered his options. Painful though his erection was, he didn’t relish taking care of the problem alone in this cave. He hadn’t had much practice with denying himself, though. Women tended to gravitate to him often enough that satisfaction was fairly easy to obtain.

Matter of fact, he could ride over to Cathy’s house right now and expect to be asked inside. Before this cave incident, that would have seemed like a terrific option. But a mysterious woman had captured his imagination, and he didn’t think an average roll in the hay would measure up tonight.

With a sigh he picked up his shirt, shook it out, and ducked out of the cave into the fragrant, rain-drenched desert. He’d go for a beer.

B.J. HURRIED HOME, praying all the way that Jonas didn’t take a third option and head back to the ranch. If he made it there ahead of her, he’d find Hot Stuff hanging around the corral. He might not figure out the cave thing immediately, but he’d be worried sick about her, and she didn’t want that.