Midnight Fantasies(9)

By: Vicki Lewis Thompson

But if he did beat her home and came out looking for her, she’d dream up some story of getting thrown off her horse and knocked unconscious. Yeah, that was it. She’d been knocked out cold for the past hour.

Yet he still might wonder when he noticed that she was wearing a T-shirt that had to remind him of the woman in the cave. Oh God, what had she gotten herself into? She still couldn’t believe what had happened in that cave.

Once she’d decided to adopt a different persona, she’d changed from timid B.J. to daring Sarah almost instantly. Apparently all those urges had lived within her for years waiting for a chance to be turned loose. One bold move had led to another, until she was naked and asking for…Goodness! Asking for everything. Had she really done that? Her cheeks warmed at the memory of how wantonly she’d behaved. And how powerful she’d felt.

She’d brought Jonas to heel. As Sarah the sculptor, she’d wrapped him around her little finger. And she’d loved it!

A grin teased her lips, followed by a chuckle, and finally a bubble of laughter. Lifting her arms over her head she danced a little boogie step of triumph. For the time being, the Romeo of Saguaro Junction belonged entirely to her.


B.J. MADE IT HOME AHEAD of everybody. She had time to put her horse away, shower, change clothes and braid her hair before her father and Noah came back from town. Fortunately she and her dad lived in a little cottage separate from the main ranch house. She pretended exhaustion and turned in early so there was no chance she’d have to face Jonas again that night.

She’d expected to toss and turn for hours, but instead she fell into a deep, dreamless sleep and awoke feeling fantastic. As she stretched and climbed out of bed in the pale light of dawn, she decided that her bold alter ego must be good for her health. Lusty sex must be good for her, too. She’d never felt more alive.

It was early, not yet six, but Arch was already up and gone. He’d have fed the horses by now and was probably working with Noah to unload the hay they’d bought the day before. B.J. grabbed a banana and poured a cup of coffee into her favorite no-spill mug before she went out to help them.

Even this early, the rising sun had a bite to it. Today would be hot and steamy as the moisture from yesterday’s rain saturated the air. B.J. glanced at a bank of clouds forming close to the mountains. Maybe it would rain again this afternoon, or maybe even tonight. Tonight. Despite the growing heat of the day, she felt goose bumps on her arms at the thought of making love to Jonas.

And speak of the devil. She paused when she noticed that Jonas was in the round pen putting a filly through her paces. The young horse’s russet coat gleamed in the sunlight as she circled the enclosure on a long-line.

Before six in the morning was early for Jonas to be out of bed. He never had taken this ranching business as seriously as his brother. Of course Noah worked harder than he had to—everybody agreed about that. Jonas, on the other hand, did no more than was absolutely necessary, preferring to spend his spare time socializing.

Yet here he was, up and working this morning. Interesting. Despite being a football field’s distance away, she knew immediately it was Jonas and not his brother. Noah was about an inch taller than Jonas, and his hair was a lighter shade of brown. But it was the way the two men moved that identified them for B.J. Noah’s motions were deliberate and sure, inspiring confidence and trust in both people and animals. Noah was steady.

On the other hand, Jonas had the innate grace of a large jungle cat. A cat on the prowl. He wore his jeans a little snugger than most men and seemed a little quicker to shed his shirt in the heat of an August day. While Noah leaned toward the cattle side of the ranch operation, Jonas liked working with the horses, and the more high-spirited, the better.

Some of the neighbors thought Jonas was lazy, but B.J. knew better. When he was interested in a project he was tireless, but tedium bored him. He rated every activity by its pleasure quotient.

Because of that, B.J. was sure that making love ranked very high on the scale. From the jut of his pelvis to the twinkle in his eye, he was obviously a man who enjoyed his own sexuality and looked for that quality in the women he met. Jonas wasn’t what you’d call steady, but he sure was exciting.

Until yesterday afternoon, B.J. hadn’t thought she could ever interest a man like Jonas. A flush spread through her as she recalled how completely she’d caught his interest. She wondered if she’d be able to meet his gaze today without blushing. How could she answer his smile of greeting without staring at that sensuous mouth? She knew where that mouth had been, knew what it could do.