Wife for a Week(56)

By: Kelly Hunter

‘Babies?’ echoed Tristan.

‘Gorgeous, adorable babies,’ said Clea, throwing in a grandmotherly smile for good measure. ‘Soon.’

‘How soon?’ Tristan’s searing gaze cut to Clea. Nick rolled his eyes in disbelief.

‘Not that soon,’ he said firmly. ‘Later.’ He reached out to pull Hallie back until she was once more standing by his side. ‘Please,’ he said dryly, ‘don’t try to help me.’


‘No.’ He silenced any further protest with a warning glance. ‘I let you call the shots in Hong Kong, but you don’t have to rush to my defence here. I don’t need your protection,’ he said softly. ‘I don’t want your protection. Not this time. You of all people should understand that.’

‘Fine.’ She sent him a glance that held equal measures of self-mockery and frustration. ‘He’s all yours.’

‘Hard, isn’t it?’ Nick leaned down and kissed the generous pout of her mouth because he couldn’t resist. ‘Have a little faith. Maybe we’ll bond.’

‘Tris doesn’t bond all that well,’ said Hallie, shooting her brother a dark glance.

‘Don’t push him, Hallie. Your brother loves you. He only wants what’s best for you.’

‘That would be you,’ she said with quiet certainty.

Nick looked down into Hallie’s vibrant, beloved face, a smile on his lips and in his heart. ‘Hold that thought,’ he said. And kissed her again.