The Mating(5)

By: Nicky Charles

A smile drifted across her face. It had been so much fun, running like the wind; feeling her muscles stretched to the limit as she sought to outrun her companion. Bryan had tackled her to the ground and they’d rolled about, nipping at each other then bounding away, only to jump and tumble again. She’d nuzzled him and he’d licked her face, then they’d run back to the pack house, transforming into human form just inside the edge of the woods. Her hair had still had grass stuck in it and Bryan had picked it out before resting his hands on her shoulder and hinting at speaking to her father…

Elise imagined she could feel Bryan touching her even now and sighed contentedly before realising that it wasn’t her imagination. Hands were touching her! With a squeal, she pulled away only to have strong fingers tighten their grip and pull her back.

Kane’s voice rumbled in her ear. “It is just me. I decided to join you.” His large hands massaged her shoulders then ran up and down her arms. “You’re a slight little thing, aren’t you?”

“I…yes.” Her muscles tensed again, all the relaxing benefits of the hot water disappearing.

“Elise, I know this is…awkward… but try and relax and I will make it as easy on you as possible.”

She nodded obediently, but inwardly thought he had to be kidding. Relax? He was about to invade her body with his, tearing the walls of her virginity and spilling his seed inside her… A bubble of hysterical laughter threatened to escape her throat.

Standing frozen under the pounding water, Elise felt his lips trail down her neck while his hands encircled her waist before moving up to cup her breasts. She gasped at the feel of his rough palms caressing her. He tweaked her nipples then lowered his mouth to kiss her ear, his hot breath tickling the sensitive skin..

“Mmm, your skin is so soft…” Kane rumbled his approval before spinning her around and capturing her mouth with his. Expertly, his lips teased hers and before she realised what she was doing, Elise opened her mouth, and his tongue slipped inside, gently stroking hers. Skilfully, his lips teased and caressed, stoking a fire within her. Involuntarily, she found herself responding, gripping his biceps as his hands ran up and down her back, drawing her closer until they were touching from chest to knee.

Elise could feel his hot erection pressing against her stomach and a strange quiver of excitement shot through her. This was what her friends had talked about… Even as the thought passed through her mind, she felt herself being picked up and carried into the bedroom.

Seeming not to care that they were both wet, Kane set her on the bed and then dropped down beside her. He kissed and caressed her, nipping and stroking, stimulating nerve endings until her entire body hummed with awareness. Heat was building inside of her and she squirmed restlessly. Kane was licking her belly and massaging her hips, then shockingly, he grabbed her thighs and pulled her legs apart, burying his face in her curls. Inhaling deeply, he licked at her nether lips. Elise tried to pull away but his grip tightened.

“I can smell your arousal; taste it… It calls to me.” Kane looked up at her, his eyes dilated, his breathing uneven. He slid up and kissed her hot and hard. “You are my mate.” He muttered against her lips before move to her neck and running his teeth lightly over her skin, biting down gently but not actually breaking the surface. Trailing his lips up her neck and back to her mouth, he sucked on her lower lip before kissing her again.

She started to melt into the kiss but then felt him push a finger inside of her and stiffened. It felt…strange. “Relax, this will make it easier.” He whispered against her mouth. The finger probed her body and she felt an interesting sensation tingle down low. Of their own volition, her hips jerked against his hand and he worked another finger inside. Again she stiffened – it was uncomfortable and tight but soon the movement of his hand created more strange feelings within her and she felt herself becoming moist and relaxed.

Kane’s fingers began to slide easily in and out of her and Elise closed her eyes, concentrating on the feelings growing within. There was tension but it felt good, exciting… Her breathing became shallow and she felt herself striving to reach some unknown place. When he stopped, she whimpered her displeasure. Suddenly, his fingers were gone. Her eyes flew open to see him rise above her and position his manhood at her entrance. For a moment he paused and looked her in the eye before thrusting himself into her.