Forever Yours - A book by Tomas Chevalier(10)

By: Tomas Chevalier

As soonas he had said it, James felt a deep loathing for his father and theundue pressure he had piled on him.

Laterthat night, Erika and James made love for the last time.


February 2009

Thepingof the toaster snapped Mrs Fernandes back to planet Earth. As shestood in her kitchen in the Oxford suburbs, she had been daydreamingof a lost love; a love of which she often dreamed. Her husbandplanted a kiss on her cheek.

“Wakeywakey, love. I far prefer toast to charcoal!”

MrsFernandes smiled at her husband's joke. He loved her smile. His dark,flowing hair danced gently over the olive skin of his forehead. For aman of fifty who was beginning to grey at the temples, MiguelFernandes was still an incredibly attractive man with the look of awell-worn matador. For all the love she had for Miguel, and for allhis talents and virtues, he could never compare to the passionate,vibrant love she had once felt. Miguel was a safe pair of hands; ahusband. He was not the fiery passion that had once burned inside heras a young woman.

Shewatched her husband pick up his brief case and head towards the frontdoor.

“Oh,and Erika? Can you pick the kids up from school tonight please?”

Shenodded and smiled.