Forever Yours - A book by Tomas Chevalier(2)

By: Tomas Chevalier

Forever Yours

Tomas Chevalier

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July 1979

Thesummer breeze rippled past their ears as they sat looking out overLake Haleron. It was a beautiful summer's day in Hampshire and forJames and Erika the world had come to a standstill as they sat, handsentwined at the edge of the riverbank basking in the golden sun. Lifehad been kind to James and Erika. When they were together nothingelse mattered and as long as they had each other they had life.

Erikaran her fingers through James' wavy, wispy hair. You weren't allowedto call it ginger; it was 'strawberry blonde'. James was a well-builtman, but certainly not overweight. James was not any product of 1970sBritain, however. James Horton, Marquess of Upham, and first issue ofthe Duke of Winchester was firmly entrenched in the Britisharistocracy and this matter was never far from the forefront ofErika's mind. James was like any 19-year-old man – that's what mostattracted her to him. For all the peerages and country estates, Jameswas down-to-earth and genuine. His father, as a second-cousin of theQueen was not quite so progressive of thought.

Jamescursed the views of his parents as he felt Erika Wall's fingers runthrough his strawberry blonde hair. He admired her stunning figureand long, blonde hair. Her hair had natural lowlights – somethingmany girls of her age strived to achieve artificially but which Erikahad in natural abundance. This was the case with so many of heradmirable attributes. He loved her sullen doe eyes and attractivesmile which caused dimples to form in her cheeks whenever he made herlaugh or smile. He wasn't the down-to-earth joke-teller she perhapsthought he was – he just loved to see her smile and laugh.