Forever Yours - A book by Tomas Chevalier(5)

By: Tomas Chevalier

Erika'shalls of residence were located in the centre of Winchester –gratuitously provided by the college for overseas students whose homecountries had provided academic bursaries to exceptional students whowished to study there. God knows, her parents alone could not affordthe fees involved with studying at Winchester.

“Doyou want me to walk you back?”

Erikasmiled as she picked up on James' train of thought. She only had tobe backin the hallby five o'clock. There was technically no rule against her signing inat the main desk and heading to her ground-floor room before lettingJames in through the window.

As theygot back to the university halls, James skirted round the outsideedge of the building and waited patiently between the wysteriaoutside Erika's window. A couple of minutes later, he heard thewindow catch click across and the rumble of the shutter opening.Grinning, he launched himself up and through the window where Erikawas waiting for him.

Hisfeet had barely touched the ground before Erika had thrust her handinto his trousers and had him flinching and convulsing with pleasure.They made love for almost three hours that night – timeirrespective – their warm bodies intermingled in a writhing bundleof passion. Shortly after eight o'clock, they lay side-by-side, theirsweat-speckled chests heaving to catch the first glorious breaths.James chuckled quietly and rolled back over.

Hecould smell the lamb cooking as he entered the dining hall. The smellof cooking lamb was one which James had always hated. He loved eatinglamb but hated to have to smell it being cooked. His father shot hima knowing glance.

“Beenout and about?”