Forever Yours - A book by Tomas Chevalier(8)

By: Tomas Chevalier

“Father,you know I have a sense of respect and responsibility and you knowthat I would do nothing to bring shame on this family and its historyand traditions, but...”

“Butnothing. You are notto see that girl if you want to remain a part of the family which youso admirablyclaim to respect.”

“Whatare you trying to say?

“I'mtrying to say that if you continue to see that girl,you will be no son of mine.”

Therevelation hit James like a bullet between the eyes. He knew he wasfacing an uphill battle to get his father to respect Erika and thatone day the ultimatum would be given but he had not expected it sosuddenly and so bluntly.

“Youhave a decision to make, James. You're nineteen years old and youneed to decide what's more important to you: a pair of legs and askirt – of which you'll no doubt see many – or your place in arich and vibrant dynasty which spans hundreds of years of gloriousBritish history.”

In thatmoment, James knew what he had to do.