I'm Sorry if I'm Not Pretty Enough for You - A book by Beth Connolly

By: Beth Connolly

I’mSorry If I’m Not Pretty Enough for You

By BethConnolly

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Copyright2011 Beth Connolly

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I’m sorry if I’m not pretty enough for you.

That’s all I couldthink as he put his hand on my arm and leaned in for a kiss his eyesclosed, his hand light on my arm. I wanted to shrug away. I wanted totell him that we kissed enough as it is; that it wasn’t just enoughto be friends but I didn’t. Something held me back, like it alwaysdoes.

He kissed me long,like any girl would dream of, but it wasn’t the same. My eyes wereclosed; it wasn’t entirely one-sided, certainly not a grenademoment, but ours lips didn’t fit together magically like I hadthought they would and the sparks weren’t there. Sure, I had thatfeeling any girl would feel when she’s being kissed but thatspecial feeling, like everything is right and beautiful and magical.No, it just wasn’t there. Nothing about this was right.

I pulled back, or atleast tried to. I didn’t open my eyes. He had done this before,always taking more than I wished to give. I wanted to sigh, wanted toend the kiss but his lips were still set on mine, still kissing me.Sometimes I wonder if he noticed but I doubt it. He just kept onkissing me and I let him, afraid to hurt him.

He finally pulledback and when he did I was glad. Our heads were still tilted towardseach other, our eyes locked in love. I knew that much; that I lovedhim, but sometimes I wonder if that love is enough. “You’re sobeautiful,” he said, gazing into my eyes yet still able to lie. “Icould get lost in those blue eyes forever.”