A Touch of Darkness(112)

By: Scarlett St. Clair

As quick as awe descends, I scoff.

Of course he can stir the air and prick holes in the dark above so light shines through—he is a god.

And my jailer.

I could do better, I think bitterly. I could turn this death-scape into an oasis—the air would smell of spring, and this black canvas would be painted in vibrant, vivacious color.

But that would be a gift.

And I’m not in a giving mood.

The air changes. He is near. I have learned the feel of him. The ruler of the dead is not cold. He blazes, like a hearth in the dead of winter. I shiver as he casts me in his shadow and scent. He smells of pine—of home.

I curl my fingers into my gown.

He is everything I hate and everything I want.

The tone of this is very different from what I ended up writing, but the dynamics are still the same—an ancient god who takes pleasure in crafting his world and an envious goddess who both marvels and despises his work.

From this first scene, I started to ask questions and formulate my world and characters. I ended up with a Persephone who wants adventure and passion more than anything in the world. She wants desperately to be good at something and is very quick to judge Hades who she believes is abusing his power as a god by agreeing to bargain with mortals. I ended up with a Hades who was just as desperate for passion, and was very tired of being alone. When Persephone came along to challenge him, he does the opposite of what she expects and listens.

A Touch of Darkness is Hades and Persephone’s first book, but I plan to explore their story more. Persephone must embrace her power, both as the Goddess of Spring and eventually as the Queen of the Underworld, and Hades has secrets that will challenge the new life he wishes to lead with Persephone.

I’m so happy to finally share my version of the Hades and Persephone story with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.