Bought and Trained(10)

By: Emily Tilton

Chapter Five

He took the glass from her and put it in the sink. Then he said, “Go into your bedroom, Rose, and take two pillows, and put them at the end of the bed. Then lay yourself down over them, with your feet on the floor. Leave your hands lying by the sides of your hips, palms up. I will be in in a moment to punish you. Right now I’m going to finish my sandwich and my beer.”

Crestfallen, with head hung low, she obeyed, disappearing through the bedroom door.

It was actually quite an important moment for her. Being told to go and do something submissive, while her master did something else, would be a staple of her life with David and Grace. To suppress her flight instinct, and to lay herself out, ready for punishment, the way Leo had specified, was a deceptively simple thing: whether she did it, or didn’t do it and was punished, this would be a moment that she remembered as setting the tone of the entire time of Leo’s breaking her. In fact, the one most essential aspect of the training that needed to be accomplished before Rose was brought to the Institute was that she follow commands without an imminent threat of punishment. Every girl broke rules at the Institute, of course, and was disciplined for it, but that was a further stage of training: a girl must have interiorized the larger disciplinary structure of her new life as a concubine before she entered what was actually the relative freedom of the Institute and its grounds. Leo and his fellow case-officers were so adept at this that it was only perhaps once in every two years that a girl tried to run away from the Institute itself. By the time Rose got there, Leo would have brought out the submissive part of her nature so prominently that it would probably not even occur to her that she could flee—and, if it did occur to her, she would not want to.

It was very important, nevertheless, that there be bars and gates and fences at the Institute. But just as Leo’s threat to punish Rose if she should try, say, to climb out the window of her bedroom, was largely symbolic, those bars and gates and fences were not manned by security guards. The girls of the Institute were held much more tightly by the chains of their hearts than by the bars on their windows.

Nevertheless, based on Leo’s experience, and the experiences of other case-officers, at a time like this in the first twenty-four hours of a breaking, there was perhaps a 5% chance that Rose in fact would try to flee at this point. So as Leo ostentatiously (so Rose understood that he was pleasing himself and taking his good time to come in and deal with the naked girl waiting to be punished) finished up his sandwich and his beer, and cleaned up after himself, he was checking surreptitiously every minute or two to make sure that Rose had stayed in line.

When he finally joined her in the bedroom, though, he found her exactly as she should be: naked, and waiting for punishment, the lovely cane marks accenting the shapeliness of her backside. He put his phone on a little tripod atop her dresser, and lined it up so that her punishment would be fully recorded for her master’s viewing—that night, Leo imagined.

Rose twisted her head around to try to see what he was doing.

“Keep your face to the covers, Rose,” Leo said.

Then he went back to the living room to get the punisher and the lube.

“Reach back, Rose,” Leo said, as soon as he had re-entered the door of the bedroom, “and show me the little asshole where you put your cute pink vibrator. You’re such a smart girl that I’m sure that you’ve figured out how important that part of your body is to your training to be a concubine. You may even have started to understand that it’s not just about the way your master is going to put his cock there when the time comes, and how good it’s going to make his cock feel to fuck you in your tight little anus. No, it’s really about who you are as a concubine. We know that you’ve wanted to belong to a man for quite some time now. In our program, we believe that the most important way a girl can belong to a man is in the way her bottom belongs to him, specifically. You’ll learn a great deal more about this as your training continues, Rose, but while I punish you for throwing the glass and trying to run away, I want you to think about what I just said, and to understand that what I’m putting in your little asshole is a kind of symbol of the way you now belong to your master, and are for that purpose in my care, and the care of the Institute. This is a very special moment for you, Rose. When you used to put your little vibrator inside your bottom, before you belonged to your master and you were free to play with yourself as you pleased, you were just being dirty. When I put my big black punisher there, I’m claiming you for your master.”