Bought and Trained(2)

By: Emily Tilton

“But you think that she’d be able to acknowledge those desires…”

“If her family background had given her more assertiveness about her inner life. Yes.”

“So what are you thinking the program will do for her?” Joanne asked, sure now that she had done the right thing in referring Rose.

“We think Rose needs to find a new kind of family—a decidedly non-traditional family that will nurture and support her submissive desires. Frankly, her new owner and his wife may not be the right match—not because there’s any reason to think it won’t work but simply because we won’t know until Rose serves him for a while—but having the experience of that family structure will, we think, give Rose the self-knowledge she desperately needs, in order to find in that family, or in some other family, a way to feel like she is living the way she’s supposed to live.”

Chapter Two

Leo Hastert smiled as he put on his cable-guy outfit. Rose Hutchison, blond and blue-eyed, had called him back, as he had known she would, to do the hack he had told her he could do for twenty bucks. She had also made it clear that she was hoping he would service more than her cable box. He had called Abigail at the Institute, and Abigail had given final approval for the pick-up. After Rose had been accepted, Abigail had circulated her picture to the clients with whom the Institute was currently working to find concubines. David Handelson had called back within a few minutes of seeing Rose’s picture. He would take Rose—and did Abigail have a nineteen-year-old to go with her? David and his wife were hoping to bring a pair to Saint Martin—and to their other houses, on Long Island and in Paris, of course. One for him and one for her? Leo wasn’t sure, but the program was adept at filling this sort of request, and Abigail had told David she would see what they could do.

Leo loved his job.

* * *

Rose Hutchison, twenty-five and already divorced, petite and lovely, let Leo into her apartment with a sly smile. She wore a cute pink T-shirt and tight, classic jeans. He was sure she had on some sort of special panties in his honor. That would be fun.

Leo didn’t even glance at the place where he had installed the camera in the kitchen the day before, when Rose had been out shopping. He would know from a buzz in his implanted earpiece if that camera stopped feeding video—or any of the five others he had installed throughout her apartment, so that the Institute’s monitors and Rose’s safer (as they were called) Joanne could see everything that would happen.

Rose closed and locked the door behind Leo, 6′2″ and, from outward appearances, all alpha—just what girls who are coming to terms with their submissive sides are looking for. The reality had more complexity, but Leo didn’t wear his love for opera and French cooking on his sleeve.

Leo looked down at her and said, “Take off your clothes.”

The look on Rose’s face changed to confusion, and then to fear. She reached for the lock on the door, but Leo easily grabbed and held her wrist. She started to yell, but he covered her mouth with his other hand and said, “I can gag you if I have to, Rose. Wouldn’t you rather I didn’t?” A long moment passed, and then she nodded. He took his hand carefully from her mouth; sometimes they bit, but Rose didn’t seem to be that kind of girl. Still, he had learned to be careful.

“You’re going to take off all your clothes, or I’m going to take them off for you, after I cane your disobedient backside,” Leo said calmly.


“You thought you were going to get a little action with the hunky cable guy. I’m afraid, Rose, that you’re going to get a lot more action than you thought. You’ve been purchased by a wealthy man: in a month I’m going to deliver you to him, ready to pleasure him when and however he chooses.”

“This is a joke, right?” Rose said weakly.

“No, Rose, it’s not. If you are an obedient girl for your master, you will have a wonderful life with him, but I am afraid that if you are disobedient, the way you seem to have decided to be now, your life will be very hard and painful.”


“It looks like we’re going to have to do this the hard way,” Leo said, grimly. He turned Rose around, and held both her wrists in his left hand, at the small of her back. Then he bent her over the kitchen counter. With a practiced hand he got a length of rope from his pocket and swiftly bound her hands behind her.

That was when Rose started screaming, but at that point it was almost too easy to take a dishtowel, stuff it in her mouth, and secure it with the leather strap that was in his other pocket for exactly that purpose. He lifted her and threw her across his shoulder. He could tell from her breathing that her arousal was beginning to emerge, and she was fighting hard against it. Right on schedule, he thought to himself.