Bought and Trained(5)

By: Emily Tilton

He kept spanking, as he continued, “I think we had better have you address me properly from this point on. You are to call me ‘Master.’”

He ripped her panties down to her knees, and kept spanking the already very red bottom. The cheeks bounded delightfully under his hand.

“Yes, Master!” she screamed.

“I wish I could believe that, Rose,” Leo said. “But you’ve already disobeyed too many times. I think you need a taste of what real discipline is going to be like in your life from this point on.”

“What?” she yelped.

Their research on Rose—much of it of course supplied by Rose herself before she had been hypnotized—indicated that the cane was a very important implement for her. Leo went to fetch his from his bag.

“Rose,” he said, as he did so, “do you know how teachers used to punish schoolgirls?”

“Oh, no…” Rose said.

“I think you must,” Leo said, “judging from the book I found in your dresser drawer. Tell me, Rose, what’s the best way for a teacher to punish a schoolgirl?”

“The cane,” whispered Rose.

“Yes, indeed,” Leo replied. “And this weekend, here, and then later at the Institute, I and your program-officer are going to be your teachers. And, when you are naughty, you are going to be receiving some old-fashioned discipline.”

Chapter Three

Her backside was positioned perfectly, so he brought the cane down, hard, so that she would know what he meant. The wail that came from Rose’s throat as she had her very first taste of real discipline was delicious.

“Do I have to gag you again, Rose?” Leo asked. He gave her another hard stroke with the cane, and saw with satisfaction that the first one was already becoming visible as a proof of his skill. Rose would be able to contemplate her punished backside very profitably that night during her review session, and in each review session for the next few days. Leo liked to give the cane as soon as possible, as a kind of level-setting for new concubines. It meant that care would have to be taken with spankings, but there were so many other ways to discipline a concubine that Leo felt the visible marks, as perfect as he could make them, that lasted, and stung whenever the girl sat down, and gave her the chance in bed every night to run her fingers along them and think about how she had earned them and why she was in the program, well worth the trouble.

She screamed again. Leo put the cane down on the couch. He fetched the surgical shears, and with two little snips, freed Rose’s panties from her legs. He walked around so that he was standing in front of her, as she looked up at him with the tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Open your mouth, Rose,” he said, gently. She shook her head. “Last chance before I make you, sweetie,” he said, just a tiny bit more sternly. She shook her head again.

Leo moved a little to the side. The satisfyingly damp, ruined panties were in his left hand, and he brought them to Rose’s helpless face, and rubbed them over her mouth, and her nose and her eyes. Then he started to spank her, with moderate force, with his hand again.

“Naughty girl,” he murmured. “You are a very, very naughty girl, Rose.” Through her closed lips she was emitting little whimpers.

Without warning, Leo delivered a spank with the full force of his arm, on Rose’s sit-spot, and when she opened her mouth to scream, as he knew she would have to, he popped the ruined panties inside.

“There we go,” he said. “There’s no nicer sight than a naughty girl with a panty gag, is there?” He stood up in front of her again, and looked down into her face, looking up at him with fear and discomfort and, yes, the lust he was looking for, that she couldn’t hide. The red lace peeping out of her mouth made her look a picture of girlish wantonness used for man’s pleasure.

“Now that you’re gagged again, sweetie, I’m going to give you your full twelve with the cane. Then we can talk again about being a good girl.”

She shook her head frantically, and mewed through the lace, but Leo went back to his position. Mercilessly, he gave her nine more with the cane, as she gasped and shrieked into her gag. Her bottom writhed over the chair, making it rock back and forth. Her arms and legs strained against the ropes; by the ninth stroke Leo had to hold her down despite the bonds because her desperate movements were threatening to overturn the chair. Her head reared back, then, and her blond hair thrashed from side to side as she shook it as if to refuse the discipline she had earned. He stepped back to survey his work.

It was really one of the finest rows of weals he’d made, he thought. He put the cane down, and left Rose there to sob and to consider, while he went to get his provisions from his van.