Bought and Trained(7)

By: Emily Tilton

“What is this little essay about, Rose?” Leo asked again.

“Oh, please, don’t make me, Master,” Rose said.

“Do you want a spanking, or a wanking?” Leo asked, and gave her three hard spanks.

Rose yelped at each one, and said, very quietly, “A wanking, Master.”

“Then tell me about this lovely article, Rose,” Leo said. “What is it about?”

“Anal,” Rose whispered.

“Anal what?”

“Anal sex.”

“Oh, really?” Leo said, as if surprised. He turned the magazine back so that he could read it, and read out loud, “The first time my boyfriend had my sweet ass, I was so ashamed I thought I would die.” He turned back to Rose. “If I had to guess, Rose, I would say that you probably had that first sentence memorized. Let’s have a little game. If you can recite that sentence for me, I will give you a little reward. Understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Rose said, her voice fearful of what Leo might mean by a reward.

“Alright, go ahead, Rose,” Leo said, beginning to fondle her cunt again.

“The first time, oh my God, the first time… my… oh, Master… my boyfriend had my… sweet ass…”

“You’re not doing very well at getting to the end of the sentence, are you, Rose?” Leo asked as he pumped three fingers in and out of her pussy. “It seems like this could take a while.”

“Oh my God,” Rose groaned, “the first time my boyfriend had my…”

Suddenly Leo withdrew his hand. “Why do you think she was ashamed?” he asked. “I mean the narrator of the essay.”

“Oh, please, Master… Don’t stop.”

“This is part of the game, Rose,” he said. “To keep going, you’re going to have to answer my questions.”

He patted her little pussy very lightly, and gave it the tiniest of wanks. “So,” he continued, “why do you think it made the narrator ashamed for her boyfriend to have her sweet ass?”

Rose gave a whimper of frustration, and said, “Because it’s dirty!”

“Really?” Leo asked. With his middle finger he worked between her lovely bottom cheeks, and brought the tip of his finger up against her cringing anus. Rose gave a little cry of astonishment and humiliation.

“I suppose I can see why people think that fucking an ass is a dirty sort of thing,” Leo said, casually. “I mean, it’s all about what comes out of there, I suppose. At the same time though, when we’re talking about a backside as lovely as yours, Rose, you would think that after a girl has played with herself to a story like this one as many times as you must have, she would stop feeling quite as ashamed. But that’s the wonderful thing about shame, isn’t it, Rose? It never really goes away, does it? I mean, a girl who has Penthouse Forum and Schoolgirl Tales and a cute little vibrator in her dresser drawer—you wouldn’t think she would think twice about having panties on her head.”

Casually, he returned his hand to her pussy, and began to stroke and rub it again, and Rose whimpered in response.

“But I know that when I tell you that the time will come when you will go out in public, with your new master, and he will tell you to take your panties off, and give them to him, and he might very well then put them on top of your head—I know that when I tell you that…”

Rose’s hips were bucking against his hands now as he brought her closer and closer, and she was moaning uncontrollably.

“Well, let’s just say that I know it has its effect on you, Rose,” Leo said. He withdrew his hand again, and Rose screamed with frustration this time.

“Alright,” Leo said, “let’s have another try at that sentence.”

Rose gave a little sob, and said, “The first time my boyfriend had my sweet ass, I was so ashamed I thought I would die.”

Leo returned his fingers to her pussy, and began to move them very quickly. “Let me tell you a secret, Rose,” he whispered in her ear. “Your master has reserved your anus for himself. We’re going to be getting you ready there, to be sure, but it will be your master who fucks you in your bottom for the very first time.”

Rose sobbed in shame and pleasure. “When?” she grunted, sounding like an animal in heat.

“Oh,” Leo said, “I’m estimating a month from now.” He put the magazine down, so he could bring his left hand atop her bottom, and touch her anus with his middle finger, as with his right he brought her over the edge. She came, with a sob of submissive pleasure that told him everything he needed to know about the state of her erotic imagination.