Bought and Trained(76)

By: Emily Tilton

“Are you always a submissive, in bed?”

Abigail looked up at Joanne from where she lay with her cheek pillowed on Joanne’s big left breast, and smiled. “Maybe, Mistress,” she said, “and maybe not. Would you like a spanking?” Abigail’s voice was suddenly the harsh one she used with girls at the Institute, and her words did not inquire as much as they threatened.

“No, thank you, Abigail,” Joanne said. “I’ll be the mistress here, thank you very much.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Abigail said, obediently and happily, and snuggled back into Joanne’s arms.

“But… you are a submissive.”


“Like Rose.”


“Were you…” Joanne’s voice fell to a whisper, “… broken? Like… like Rose was?”

“Yes,” Abigail replied, “I was. It’s a story that’s even longer than Rose’s, perhaps, because eventually of course it landed me at the Institute, responsible for the breaking of others, like Rose.”


“May I guess what you want to ask me, Mistress?”

“Yes,” Joanne replied, as always amazed by Abigail’s perspicacity and wisdom.

“You want to ask if it turns out OK, when a girl decides that she doesn’t want to walk away with the money and have a normal life.”

Joanne nodded. “Yes. I mean… I know your story isn’t exactly the same, but… you chose not to marry that alpha guy you told me about once, right?”

“That’s right. I chose the kind of family that looks different—very different.” She paused, and looked into Joanne’s eyes. “And I lived happily ever after.”

The End