Bought and Trained(9)

By: Emily Tilton

“What is the thing in the pocket, Master?” she asked again, pleading with him to end the mystery that was causing her fear.

“Take it out, Rose, and look at it, and I’ll tell you.”

She pulled it out. It was made of black rubber. It was long, and bulbous, and very thick.

She gasped again when she saw it.

“I think you know what it is, Rose,” Leo said. “Tell me, where do you think I’m going to put that in a few minutes?”

“Oh, no…” she cried.

“Never had anything like that up your butt, Rose?” he asked casually. “Ever put your little pink vibrator up there?”

Her blush, which had faded slightly, returned even redder.

“Tell the truth now, Rose,” he chided. “I know you’ve been lonely for the last few months, since your divorce. Lonely girls get up to all sorts of tricks with their vibrators, don’t they? And yours is so nice and slim, it must go right up there easy as cake. My anal punisher isn’t going to be that easy.” Leo looked into her eyes for a long moment, then said, with authority, “You have an important choice, Rose. You can tell me about how you put your little pink vibrator up your butt, or I can spank you until you do. And I’m sure you can see that having me spanking you on top of your cane marks yet again isn’t something that would feel very nice. Can you be a good girl for me, and confess that you like to have a vibrator in your little asshole?”

Rose gave a little puppy cry of frustration, and blurted out, “Yes, OK, I do. I put my little pink vibrator up my butt!”

“How many times, Rose?” Leo asked. “How often do you shame yourself that way?”

Rose shook her head at the relentless progress of the humiliation.

“Oh, come now, sweetheart,” Leo said. “This should be a lot easier than the last question, shouldn’t it? I mean, when a girl admits that she puts her cute little vibrator up her butt, doesn’t it stop mattering how often she does it?”

Rose closed her eyes, and just kept shaking her head. Leo could see that there were tears leaking out from under her eyelids.

“That’s the trouble, isn’t it, Rose?” he continued conversationally. “It still matters, because you always have your shame. It’s quite clear that you’re a little ass girl, but when you were small, your parents told you that you had to be modest, and demure, and that lesson never, ever goes away, does it? Unfortunately for you, I know it, and your training master at the Institute knows it, and the man who has bought you knows it too. Frankly, that’s why you’re so very valuable. I’m not sure you even have the slightest idea what it does to a man like me to see a girl like you blush. One thing I can promise you, though, is that by the time you leave the Institute with your new owner, you will understand a great deal more about that.”

He took the two steps so that he was standing in front of her, his crotch only an inch or two away from her face. He took her chin in his right hand. “The problem is, Rose, that the more you blush, the more I want to do terrible things to you.” He grabbed her upper arm abruptly, pulled her to her feet, and took her over to the chair from which she had now been untied twice. Still holding onto her arm, he sat, and then he pulled her across his lap roughly. He held her down with his left arm, while without saying anything, he began to spank her once again, upon the cane welts, which were now purple.

“Are you ready, Rose?” he asked as he continued to spank, and she began to scream.

“Master! Master!” she shouted. “Yes! Almost every night!”

Leo stopped spanking her. “Now why was that so hard?”

“I don’t know, Master,” Rose sobbed.

“I do,” Leo said. “Shame. Stand up, now.” He helped her to her feet.

“Alright, we’re going to go into the bedroom, and you’re going to have your punishment for throwing the glass and trying to escape. Before that, though, I want to give you the choice of whether to drink your water. One thing I haven’t told you is that I have an IV needle in my bag. I can hydrate you that way if I have to. As I said, when a girl is starting out, in these first forty-eight hours, staying hydrated is a very important thing. Would you like to drink the water now?”

“Yes, Master,” Rose said quietly. She probably had one more escape attempt in her, Leo thought. The next morning would be the logical time for that, when she thought that he was asleep. Thinking about the way he would punish her for that got Leo uncomfortably hard. That in turn made him think about what he would do after he had put the plug in Rose’s backside. He smiled, picturing his cock in Rose’s sweet little cunt at last, as he retrieved the glass of water, and filled it again. He handed it to Rose, and she drank it down.