First Temptation(48)

By: Joan Swan

“Mmm.” She sucked on his bottom lip. “But only the dance floor?”

“Don’t worry, I have no plans on sharing you. As I told Cantos, you are way too special.”

She smiled between kisses and whispered, “Did you see the new couples remote vibrator that came in yesterday? That would be fun to try out on the dance floor.”

His eyes popped open, and he gasped, comically dramatic. “How could you keep something like that from me?”

“Secrets this early in a relationship”—the new, deep male voice made them both freeze—“are never a good thing.”

They winced at the same time. Zoe didn’t need to look up to know it was Rio, and she wanted to get herself together before she faced him. She pushed to her feet, straightened her dress, ran her fingers through her hair, and met his gaze.

“Sir—” she started.

“What do you have to say for yourself, Walker?” Rio asked.

Taft pursed his lips, thought about it. “I’d say…it’s a solid bust, boss.”

“Good. Because we’ve got three dead Diablos, a coroner’s van, and six media vans outside a sex club just north of the border. There will be a lot of questions.” He glanced over at Zoe. “And that outfit would probably be misconstrued by the public. I can’t have anyone looking crooked at someone on my team. Especially not one of my brand-new investigators.”

Zoe’s head snapped up. Her gaze darted to Rio. “What?”

“Unless there’s a reason Walker thinks you’re not ready…” Rio said.

Before Zoe had time for nerves, Taft said, “Not a one. Though she could use a little brush-up on protocol. She’s been out on the frontier a little too long, if you know what I mean.”

Rio laughed and looked at Zoe. “Can you get cleaned up and get back to HQ for debrief?”

She grinned. Nodded. “Of course.”

“I assume you’re both mentally stable after the shooting and feel safe in each other’s company?”

They looked at each other at the same time and smiled.

“Go.” Rio gestured toward the door. “Out the back, please. Walker, don’t leave her side until we ferret out this threat business.”

Taft nudged Zoe’s shoulder. “Have I ever told you how much I love this job?”

Rio tossed a set of keys to Taft. “Take my ride.”

With an arm around Zoe’s shoulders Taft took the back stairs but paused on the landing and dragged her into his arms. He hit her with that hot grin that turned her liquid and asked, “How should we go about cleaning you up?”

She scraped her fingers into his hair and pulled his head close. “You. Me. Shower. Naked.”

He kissed her hard, thoroughly. Hungrily. And when he pulled away, they were both grinning. “I love the way you think, Brooks.”

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