By: Kristin Coley

Once upon a time…

In a time, not so different from our own, two daughters were born. Their family was overjoyed to have two daughters when magical children were so rare. However, not all were content and one lusted after the power a third daughter would bring. The years went by though with no more children, as the two sisters basked in the joy they brought to their mother.

When the oldest daughter turned six, they learned a third daughter would be born. Their mother rejoiced in the blessing of a third child and excitement filled their small home. The two daughters couldn’t wait to meet their newest sister, unknowing of the dark portents that would accompany her birth. As the birth of the third daughter grew near, the two sisters discovered they possessed magical gifts, one the gift of illusion and the other the gift of sight. Both rare and powerful magical abilities for ones so young.

Their mother grew concerned and hid her daughters’ gifts, knowing they would be coveted. On the cusp of the third daughter’s birth, their mother discovered the most horrifying of truths. These three daughters were conceived to be a prophesied trinity, their combined gifts powerful beyond measure, and a singular darkness stalked their home. She knew the danger they were in, and raced to make preparation. Her beautiful blue eyed daughters could never be allowed to fall into the cradle of darkness, their souls destroyed by one man’s lust for power.

Finally, the time came when she knew she must act. She disappeared into the night with her three daughters, fleeing the darkness that had invaded their home. Under the full moon’s light, she created a magical circle and within it bound their powers. She hid the magic inside of them, banishing the blue light reflecting from their eyes, placing a spell so only immense danger would allow their magic to come forth again.

Then, she separated them. Her pain was so great at this action it tore her heart into three pieces. Seeing the pieces of her destroyed heart she cast one last spell, binding the pieces to her three daughters and thereby giving them each a portion of her heart. It was the only gift she had left to give them.

She knew the darkness would attempt to find her hidden daughters, craving the power they possessed, so she committed one final act to keep them safe. Within the circle she’d used to bind them, she laid down - spilling her blood to empower the magic she’d wrought and taking her own knowledge with her.

Three little girls woke alone, separated from one another and the mother they adored, their destiny sealed with one fateful night.

Chapter One

My fingers drummed on the table as I gazed out the window lost in thought.

“Ms. Kincaid.” An irritated voice called my name.

A kick to my shin drew my attention and I realized everyone was staring at me. Scott frowned at me ferociously as our boss gazed at me.

“Care to join us, Ms. Kincaid?” His smile was mocking, and even as I smiled apologetically my eyes narrowed. Pompous ass.

“So sorry for woolgathering. I was completely distracted by a call I received from Mr. Marshall right before the meeting. He wanted to reallocate some of his investments.” I left it at that, seeing his discontented look. Everyone in the room knew Evan Marshall superseded any meeting. He was a ridiculously wealthy client, one who would only invest with me, to the absolute fury of the senior investment partners.

One of whom was standing in front of me, calling me out because I wasn’t listening to him drone on about the latest investment portfolio he’d dreamed up.

Boring and a complete waste of my time. I already knew the portfolio would tank and had zero intentions of investing any of my client’s funds into it.

Scott relaxed back in his chair, his frown subsiding with the mention of Marshall’s name. My shin still throbbed where he’d kicked it, irritating me further. I understood Scott’s desire to make a name for himself with the other partners, but I didn’t appreciate his methods nor his idea that I somehow had the ability to make or break his success.

Our boss cleared his throat, muttering, “Well, I imagine he’d like to invest in a portfolio created by an experienced partner, so perhaps you should pay attention.”

“Of course.” My smile was tight at his subtle dig, one I should’ve been used to by now. I was the youngest banker in the room, hell in the entire building to be honest, and that coupled with my looks meant I had to fight for the slightest amount of respect.