Healing Hearts 14_ Belonging To Them

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer


“Let us take care of you,” Portofino Corpese said to London Sullivan as she held the ice to her lip and cheek. Vincenzo was standing in her living room with his hands on his hips, still looking angry and ready to kill. But there was no killing to be done. Francesca Voltaro took care of everything. The woman was more powerful and resourceful than it seemed even her own family thought. They were encouraged to be on her good side and join a business together.

Lawrence and Collozar were sitting on the couches next to the single couch she sat on.

“You’re busy men, and I’m certain there are things you need to take care of in regards to the situation. It’s better that I take care of myself,” she said, trying to dismiss them. She was shaking in the SUV and hadn’t stopped looking scared. The last thing the woman needed was to be alone. Her blue eyes were glossy with tears, her long blonde hair in a ponytail that was falling out. Her clothes were ripped, revealing just how well-endowed this woman was, there were spots of blood on her skin from the abduction and attack. She was battered and bruised, favoring her back and her ribs.

“There is no place for us to be at the moment. Now, you have two choices. You either let us take a look at your injuries and ensure proper treatment, or we bring you to the emergency room,” Portofino told her.

She stared at him, then at Vincenzo, Lawrence, and Collozar. His brothers had every little patience, and Vincenzo was the worst of all.

“You won’t take me to the emergency room, because it will only open up more questions and the police will be alerted. I’m already trying to figure out how I can explain these injuries to my boss at the gallery. I can take a few days off, I guess, but then what?” she said aloud, standing up but then cringing.

“That’s it,” Vincenzo interrupted, and Portofino moved toward her. He knew this was coming. Portofino was surprised Vincenzo waited so long to just make her listen to his orders. No one disobeyed the bosses. No one.

“To the bedroom, immediately.” He pointed toward the hallway. Portofino saw her eyes widen, then she glanced at him then Collozar and Lawrence.

“Are you out of your minds? I mean seriously, do I look like some whore bimbo you’re used to, Mr. Mob Boss, or whatever the hell you are? I’ll have you know that I’m not that kind of woman. I don’t even allow men into my home, and here the four of you are and making demands? Get the hell out of here. Now!” she said. She lowered the ice pack and started to slowly walk away from them, and it was obvious she was in pain.

“London!” Vincenzo raised his voice, and Portofino knew this was bad. They had been so worried about London and Francesca when they were taken. Plus, the description of men beating them and dragging them into a van at the sports club enraged them. When they went along to rescue the women, they never expected to see such bad bruises and feel so much. They were a wild group of men. Ones who didn’t do commitments or made any, to any woman. No need to when so many women threw themselves at them constantly. This was different, and perhaps that was why Vincenzo was acting the way he was.

She froze in place.

“Come here. Now,” Vincenzo barked. It was an order, and by London’s flushed cheeks she knew it was. His finger pointed to the ground by him and his eyes were firm and held her with an expression of authority. She would be a fool to ignore his brother. She walked toward him but dropped the bag of ice on the table with a clunk. She paused in front of him. Vincenzo gave her the stare down as he stood a good foot-plus above her. She wore a T-shirt one of the guys had in the SUV over her spandex pants. The tank top and bra had blood on them from her lip. She hadn’t let anyone look her over, but she did let them hold her and keep her close and bring her home.

Vincenzo exhaled as he stared at her face, cursing under his breath, and then he reached up to touch her cheek when she flinched. The scowl grew deeper. “Never flinch at my touch. I would never bring you harm, nor would my brothers.”

“I’ll be fine. I’m used to handling things alone, and this is no different.”

He stroked her jaw, tilted her chin up toward him. “That’s where you’re wrong. This is different. We’re involved. We care, so put aside that stubbornness and let us care for you.”